Putting on a Progress 1578: Elizabethan Window Wanderland

15 August 2022 until 19 August 2022
In 1578 Queen Elizabeth I and more than 200 courtiers travelled into unknown lands on her annual progress.

Join us to create vibrant window displays celebrating the joy of exploration, curiosity, and Elizabeth I’s visit to Norfolk.

People in the places visited by the 1578 Progress are being invited to create vibrant window displays inspired by this incredible royal journey, and there are opportunities to create windows in the Nave of Norwich Cathedral from Monday 15 August until Friday 19 August between 10.30am and 4.30pm each day.

We shall also reflect on how our travel plans were cancelled due to the restrictions during the COVID 19 lockdowns. Our human spirit may have felt dampened, but our need to explore stimulated unexpected reactions. We became limited, yet lively observers and curious surveyors of our own neighbourhoods. We spent more time in our gardens, enjoyed nature in local parks and stumbled across the history of our roads, streets and lanes. Joy could also be found watching the changing sky filled with many more birds enjoying the quietness of the restrictions.

The 'POP 1578: Into the Unknown' project will help you design silhouettes inspired by the Elizabethan Progress in 1578 and local birds as our recent symbols of freedom.

These designs will be upscaled into larger window artwork to be displayed at night to shine through windows across the Cathedral Quarter between mid-January and mid-February 2023.

How many window designs will the fine visitors to Norwich Cathedral make?

This activity is suitable for ages four and over.

Putting on a Progress 1578: is presented by Curious Spark Ltd and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Norwich Freeman's Charity. 

Curious Spark's mission is to champion curiosity, in heritage, our cultures and the arts to evoke positive change in people's places and spaces