Virtual Cathedral Tour

Norwich Cathedral Virtual Tour (c) Vortex Visual
Explore the historic surroundings of Norwich Cathedral via our brand new virtual tour!

Norwich Cathedral has teamed up with virtual tour specialists Vortex Visual to create a cutting edge 3D 360 digital experience which enables you to virtually walk around the 900-year-old Cathedral and its Cloisters via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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Accessed via the cathedral’s website, the tour welcomes people to the Cathedral with a beautiful aerial 360 degree view of the wider Close before the virtual visitors are invited to enter the historic building via the Great West Door.

From here, visitors can digitally move around the Cathedral as they wish, exploring almost all the ground floor areas of the Cathedral including the Nave, the Chapels, the Choir and the Presbytery. They can also take a stroll around the Cathedral’s Cloisters and pause by the graveside of Norfolk nurse and First World War heroine Edith Cavell.

The virtual tour also gives people the chance to explore areas of the Cathedral which are currently closed to visitors in real-life – such as the Choir, the Presbytery and the Treasury – because of restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the tour, pop-up multi-media panels tell people about the different areas of the building and the Cathedral’s history, and give snapshots of the daily life of the Cathedral.

Norwich Cathedral Virtual Tour 3D model (c) Vortex Visual

Among the highlights, as you walk through the Choir area you can listen to the sublime sound of the Cathedral Choir or hear the Cathedral’s magnificent organ. Meanwhile in the Nave a video treats visitors to close-up views of some of the exquisite medieval roof bosses that decorate the ceiling.

There is also the chance to step back to summer 2019 and watch the helter skelter being installed in the Nave for the Seeing It Differently project and you can also watch again BAFTA-winner Rob Whitworth’s wonderful Norwich…A Story video.

Fans of Budge the cat will also find the Cathedral’s feline friend curled up in one of his favourite spots in the Cathedral!

Norwich Cathedral Virtual Tour (c) Vortex Visual
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