Wednesday Evening Addresses

Every Wednesday, 19:00 - 20:00
Wednesday Evening Addresses
This year sees the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his Ninety-five These on the door of All Saints' Church, Wittenberg. This significant moment in history signalled the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, which went on to deeply influence the Church in England.

To mark this anniversary our Lent Reflections on Wednesday Evenings (8 March - 5 April) will focus on aspects of Luther’s theology, with a series of addresses given by Canon Nick Garrard.

Week 1 - 'Here I stand': Encountering Luther

An Anglican perspective on Luther, 500 years on.

Week 2: Eine Feste Burg: Luther’s Inner Castle

Luther’s interior faith, as expressed in a hymn.

Week 3: Martin Luther: Dark Prophet of the Apocalypse

Engaging with the dark side of Luther's pronouncements.

Week 4: Reclaiming the Last Supper

Luther’s German Mass and ‘table talk’.

Week 5: The Crucified Christ as Lutheran Icon

The renewal of God's image.