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Get a closer look at the stunning collection of famous medieval roof boss sculptures at Norwich Cathedral by downloading our free app.

The Cathedral contains over 1,000 roof bosses, which is the greatest collection of any church in the world. Sitting high from the vaults of the Cathedral Nave and Cloister, the colourful bosses share some of the best-loved Bible stories and are a testimony to the interest and importance of the art of storytelling in the late Middle Ages.

Created by the University of York’s Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, and funded by the Jerusalem Trust, the app features striking photography and descriptions of every roof boss in Cathedral, allowing visitors to explore these fascinating stories in stone either by following a journey through the Bible, the Christian Year or simply navigating round a map of the Cathedral.

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The app is available to iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Helpfully a wi-fi or data connection isn’t needed to use the app, so visitors to the Cathedral can use its features to enhance their experience.