How to get to Norwich Cathedral

Wherever you go in Norwich city centre, you’ll not be far from a wonderful view of Norwich Cathedral and its famous spire. Here are some tips to help you get here…

By car

The first thing to say is that, unfortunately, we don't have sufficient room to offer public parking to visitors. The only exception to this rule is if you are attending a service.

We highly recommend the excellent Park and Ride services, which bring people into Norwich from a number of locations on the outskirts of the city. For more information please visit the Norwich Park & Ride website.

If you would prefer to park in the city centre then we would recommend the St Helen's Wharf pay & display car park. It’s just a short walk to the Cathedral from St Helen's Wharf. Proceed out of the car park entrance with the Adam & Eve pub on your left. When you reach the road, turn left. At the top of this street the road will bend sharply to the left. At that point, turn right and walk through the large gates. You’re now in The Close and can wander through this lovely setting, around to the other side of the Cathedral, where the Hostry Visitor Centre entrance is located.

Alternatively you can use the new multi storey car park on Rose Lane. From the corner on which the car park stands, cross Rose Lane and the Prince of Wales Road and cut down St Faiths Lane. The pavement on your right becomes a path curving away from the road - follow this and enter The Close through the black gates. You can then turn left to walk along Ferry Lane, which will bring you to the Cathedral.

Please note that as you enter the outskirts of Norwich you will likely see brown tourist signs directing you to the Cathedral. As Norwich proudly boasts two Cathedrals, we advise you to just double check that you’re not following signs to the Catholic Cathedral, which is located just outside the city centre on the Unthank Road (post code NR2 2PA).

By train

The Cathedral is a short walk from Norwich Train Station. We would suggest a leisurely stroll along the river, which will connect you with the bottom end of The Close.

As you exit the Train Station walk straight ahead to the pedestrian crossing, which connects you with a bridge over the river. Cross again towards the Compleat Angler pub on the other side of the road and access the Riverside Walk by passing through the pub’s beer garden and down the steps. From here, follow the path with the river on your right. You’ll go through a gate and then under an archway before reaching Pulls Ferry, one of Norwich’s most beautiful spots. Be sure to take a picture before turning left and walking up away from the river and through The Close. When you reach the top green (you’ll have already walked past the lower green) turn right and the path will lead you to the Hostry Visitor Centre entrance.

By bus

Buses running in and out of the city centre may come through Tombland, which is just on our doorstep. However, if this isn't the case on your journey, they will definitely pass through Castle Meadow, which is lined with bus stops servicing all the major routes. Once you’ve disembarked turn to face Norwich Castle, which will be looming over you. Turn left and walk to end of the street. This takes you to a fairly complicated junction, where Castle Meadow meets the top of the Prince of Wales Road. Follow the pavement round to the left but don't turn left down Bank Plain. Instead carry on across the double crossing and follow the pavement around, taking the next left. This will bring you into Tombland. On the right you’ll see the Cathedral’s outer walls, with two gates at either end. Enter through either and head towards the Hostry Visitor Centre entrance.

From the Tourist Information Centre at The Forum

If you’re heading to the Cathedral from the Tourist Information Centre at The Forum, the first thing to do is find the Cathedral’s Spire in the skyline to get a general sense of the direction in which you’ll need to walk.

Start the 10 minute stroll by dropping down through the famous Norwich Market and onto Gentleman’s Walk. Turn left and walk to the end of the street, where you’ll see the independent department store, Jarrolds, on the corner. Turn right onto London Street and follow this street all the way to the end, only veering off to the left or right if you’re wanting to explore. You’ll know you’re on the right track if, when you reach the end of this street, you're standing at the Bank Plain pedestrian crossing with the OPEN venue on your right. Continue over the pedestrian crossing and, when you reach the next crossing, you’ll have reached Tombland. You’ll see the Cathedral wall set back across the road. Enter through the large gate and head towards the Hostry Visitor Centre entrance.