Lent, Holy Week & Easter

We are delighted to announce our programme of services, music and special activities for Lent, Holy Week & Easter 2018. To find out more you can either take a look at our Lent, Holy Week & Easter brochure (hard copies of which are now available in the Cathedral) or as individually listed events in our What's On calendar.

Lent need not be a season of gloom and long faces, after all it falls in the Spring when days lengthen and the day brightens. It is a time of preparation for the joy of Easter and, historically, for the celebration of the sacraments of Christian initiation – Baptism and Confirmation. 

Increasingly today, the Baptism service is recovering the wonderful atmosphere of awe which once so impressed those being baptised and those, alike, who gathered to support them. Preparation for these “awe-inspiring mysteries” involved self-examination, sorrow for sin, self-denial, study of the Scriptures and almsgiving and it is these activities, joyfully undertaken, which characterise Lent today.

Our daily worship is more austere in this season – no flowers, sombre colours and no “alleluias” – but always beautiful and engaging. There are opportunities for deepening our study of our faith, reflecting on the challenges of Scripture, and raising money for charitable purposes through self-denial. As the traditional forty days of Lent give way to Holy Week, our preparations intensify and the deeply moving services of the days before Easter draw us ever nearer, first to the Cross and thence to the Empty Tomb.

We look forward to welcoming you.