Special services

As part of our role in serving the communities of Norfolk and the city of Norwich, as well as the parishes of the Diocese, the Cathedral is a venue for special services staged occasionally throughout the year.

Specially organised services

Norwich Cathedral is your Cathedral and, should you have an idea about a service that you think would be appropriate to be staged here, we'd be happy to speak with you.

Some of the specially organised services in recent times have included;
  • High profile civic services, for example to commemorate the Battle of Britain
  • A celebration of volunteers, who give their time and talents to worthy causes each week
  • Charity services to remember those who have died from alcohol, drugs and eating disorders
  • A harvest celebration for the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association
  • Graduation ceremony services for higher education institutions

Confirmation services

The Bishop holds confirmation services at the Cathedral three times a year, with candidates gathering at the Cathedral from parishes across the Diocese. If you are a regular worshipper at the Cathedral, whether you're an adult or young person (aged 10 and above), and are interested in being prepared for confirmation we'd be very happy to hear from you.

Memorial Services

Memorial services can be held for individuals who have been connected with the Cathedral or the Diocese of Norwich, or who have played a significant role in the life of Norwich and Norfolk.

Please contact our Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care for more information or to discuss any of the above options.