Usually Monday to Friday at 5.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 3.30pm

The sublime sound of choral music is returning to Norwich Cathedral from Thursday 10 September after six months of silence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Members of the Cathedral’s modern day choir are returning to rehearsals and looking forward to resuming their roles in services, after what was the first break in music at the Cathedral since the Commonwealth Period from 1649 to 1660 when music was forbidden in Churches.
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Evensong is one of the great treasures of the Church and has been sung daily for hundreds of years in the Cathedral.

Sung by the magnificent Norwich Cathedral Choir this service is a wonderful way to bring a busy day to a close, whether you have been visiting the Cathedral or before journeying home after work.

Through sublime music, readings from the Bible and prayers, it is a time to rest in the glorious setting of Norwich Cathedral, to unwind, reflect and pray, losing oneself in one’s thoughts and in the presence of God.

A booklet is provided to help you follow all that is happening or, alternatively, you can simply let the whole experience wash over and refresh you.

On Sundays a sermon provides further food for thought.

During the school holidays Evensong may be sung by a visiting choir and on Saturdays the service is often said.