Open Academy photography exhibition

13 June 2022
From putting the spotlight on stunning architectural detail around Norwich Cathedral to taking a closer look at intriguing medieval graffiti etched on its ancient walls - pupils from a city school have been capturing on camera unique snapshots of the Cathedral for the latest exhibition in the Hostry.
Textures and Contrasts of Light

Called Textures and Contrasts of Light, the exhibition features the photographs of year 10 pupils from Open Academy and runs until Saturday 2 July.

The 14 and 15-year-old photographers, many of who visited the Cathedral for the first time for the project, were tasked with taking pictures that celebrated the many different textures and contrasts of light found around the centuries-old building.

They spent a day at the Cathedral, learning about its history from the Cathedral guides and enjoying a photography workshop before exploring the building individually with their own cameras. The result is a wonderful collection of work looking at the Cathedral with fresh eyes.

Textures and Contrasts of Light
Open Academy art and photography teacher Terry Thurston said: “The Open Academy students have created an amazing collection of photographs demonstrating their passion for taking photos. They've done an amazing job at producing interesting and considered photographs that reflect the magnificence of the Cathedral.
"The students have produced an eclectic range of photographs depicting the Cathedral in many different ways, working hard to not only look for the ordinary but also the often overlooked and smallest parts of the building. The students have been able to successfully show the many different viewpoints of the Cathedral, capturing scenes that show the Cathedral at its most breath-taking and intimate.
“Many of the students used the texture of the building to highlight its history, some focused on the carved graffiti, others on the worn stone steps. Other students wanted to draw attention to the relationship between people and the building, using the contrasts of light to show the scale of the building compared to people.”

Textures and Contrasts of Light
The Revd Dr Peter Doll, the Cathedral’s Acting Dean and Canon Librarian, said: “It was wonderful to welcome pupils from Open Academy to Norwich Cathedral and to see them enjoying exploring the building with their cameras.
“The photographic work that they have created is exceptional and offers a fascinating fresh insight into the Cathedral. We are delighted to host Open Academy’s inspiring exhibition Textures and Contrasts of Light and we hope the pupils will enjoy seeing their work on display in the Hostry. We are sure it will be of great interest to many of our visitors throughout this month.”

Textures and Contrasts of Light
Textures and Contrasts of Light is at the Hostry at Norwich Cathedral until Saturday 2 July. The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 4pm (3pm on Sundays). Entry is free.

Textures and Contrasts of Light