Online talk about Cathedral's roof bosses

31 March 2021
Norwich Cathedral's medieval roof bosses are to be the subject of an online talk being organised by the organisation Art and Christianity. The talk on 15 April will be held via Zoom and tickets cost £5.
Medieval Roof Boss (c) Bill Smith
Norwich Cathedral: New perspectives in medieval sculpture is the name of the talk which will be given by art historian and ordinand Rob Hawkins on 15 April at 7pm.

He will discuss the 15th-century bosses in Norwich Cathedral's Cloister, looking closely at sculptural space, point of view and style in medieval craftsmanship.

The talk is part of a series of online talks called Art within Cathedrals which is being run by Art and Christianity.

Tickets for the online talk cost £5.
For more information and to book a ticket click here

Picture: Bill Smith