Count your blessings for the Lent Appeal

11 February 2021
The pandemic has been a deeply challenging time for everyone and has had a major impact across our nation. But hard as it has been for us, imagine coping with the impacts of Covid in countries damaged by war, where access to clean water is limited or where healthcare facilities are a long walk away.
The Bishop’s Lent Appeal, Together in Unity, encourages us to support communities in other parts of the world as they face these challenges and we are inviting people to Count Their Blessings and raise valuable funds for the appeal.

Count your Blessings is a thought-provoking way of helping us to be thankful for the good things in our lives whilst encouraging us to support others who may be struggling. Each day in Lent a different way is suggested that we can count our blessings, learn to be more thankful and support others in need.

For example:
• We are encouraged to wash our hands regularly to keep ourselves safe yet many people in the world have no access to clean water. Offer 10p for each tap in your house towards Together in Unity.
• Lockdown has given many more people time to read. Thinking about those who don’t have access to books, offer to Together in Unity 10p for each shelf of books in your house
• We are all excited about getting our vaccination, so when you have the vaccine for COVID why not donate £10 towards the cost of vaccinating people in other parts of the world.

The Count Your Blessings Lenten Booklet can be downloaded here or you can request a paper copy by calling 01603 218300.