Access to The Close from Tombland

17 November 2020
The Erpingham Gate will be the main entrance into the Cathedral Close from Tombland from Monday 23 November until further notice. This is due to the next phase of the ongoing roadworks on Tombland.
Erpingham Gate (c) Bill Smith

Due to the ongoing roadworks on Tombland, the Ethelbert Gate will be closed to both pedestrians and vehicles from Monday 23 November until further notice.

The main entrance point for pedestrians and vehicles coming into The Close from Tombland will be the Erpingham Gate, near the Maids Head Hotel. 

To exit The Close, cars should use the Bishopgate gate while lorries should use the Erpingham Gate.

For more information about the roadworks on Tombland being undertaken by Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council click here

Pictured above is the Erpingham Gate.
Picture: Bill Smith