Road works taking place on Tombland

10 August 2020
A redevelopment project is currently taking place in the Tombland and Upper King Street area near Norwich Cathedral. Below is an outline of how access to the Cathedral Close will be affected during the project.

From August 10 there will be a temporary one-way system through Tombland; the vehicle approach will be from the South only (i.e. from Bank Plain). You will still be able to turn right and enter the Ethelbert Gate into the Cathedral Close for this first phase (until mid-September). Pedestrian access through this gate will also be maintained at this stage.

To exit the Close you can use the Erpingham Gate but will then have to turn right to go northwards due to the one-way.

During the second phase of works (mid September – November 13) the Ethelbert Gate will be closed to traffic so the Erpingham Gate will become the main entrance and exit.

The details of the full scheme are available here:

Details of road diversions outside the Cathedral Close are available here: