Weekly Requiem to remember loved ones

13 May 2020
Every Wednesday at 12.30pm, a member of Norwich Cathedral's clergy will hold a Requiem alone in the Cathedral. Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, this is not open to the public to attend but people are invited to email the names of loved ones who they would like remembered in the service.
Candles at Norwich Cathedral (c) Norwich Cathedral

Funerals are rarely easy events but during this time of Coronavirus they have become even more complicated. We may not have been able to visit a loved one when we were told their life was drawing to a close. The funeral may not have been where we wanted or in the style we wanted due to restrictions on travel and public gatherings. Many who might have wanted to attend may not have been able to do so.

And yet we feel we want to do something; to mark this significant moment in some way. Alongside our grief, we also feel the loss of not being able to be part of a funeral ceremony, such as we might have expected in more normal circumstances.

Candles at Norwich Cathedral (c) Chris Hedges May 2020 (2)

Each week at Norwich Cathedral, on Wednesdays at 12.30pm, we are holding a Requiem. At the moment this cannot be a public event and, alone, it is offered in the Cathedral by one of the Cathedral clergy. At this service we light a candle for each departed loved one whose name has been shared with us and pray for them by name.

If you would like a friend or member of your family who has recently died remembered at this weekly service, and a candle lit in their memory, then please send us a message via prayers@cathedral.org.uk

Candles at Norwich Cathedral (c) Chris Hedges May 2020 (3)

Prayer is the living heart of Norwich Cathedral. Morning and Evening, each and every day, we are praying for our city and our county, our diocese and the wider Church, our country and the world. We are always pleased to receive requests for prayers to be included in our daily rhythm of prayer. Although there is much we cannot do at present, our prayers do not stop. Email your prayers to prayers@cathedral.org.uk

Pictures: Bill Smith/Chris Hedges