Peregrine chicks take their first flights

07 June 2019
The three peregrine falcon chicks on Norwich Cathedral's spire have now spread their wings and taken their first flights. People have been eagerly watching the progress of the chicks since they hatched in April, and on Sunday 2 June the first of the chicks fledged from the nest platform on the spire. The second two chicks fledged on Friday 7 June.
WEB Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon June 2019 (c) Chris Skipper
As previously reported, the trio had also had a fourth sibling but the chick unfortunately died after the adult male bird accidentally pierced the chick with one of his talons.

People can continue to keep up to date with the Cathedral's resident falcons thanks to the Hawk and Owl Trust's special watchpoint in the Lower Close where there are free telescopes and binoculars available for people to view the birds..

Zoe Smith, the Hawk and Owl Trust's peregrine project officer, said: "The chicks will stay around the cathedral with the adults until late winter learning the skills to hunt from the adults. The watchpoint will remain open until 14 July."

People can also watch the peregrines while enjoying a cup of coffee in the Cathedral's Refectory thanks to a live video stream from the nesting box.

The Hawk and Owl Trust's watchpoint will be in the Lower Close until Sunday 14 July.

It is open every day from 10am until 4pm.

Click here for a weblink to the live video stream from the nesting box.


Picture: Chris Skipper