Volunteers needed for Seeing it Differently

04 June 2019
The search is on to find a team of volunteers to help Norwich Cathedral have some serious fun this summer. The fun comes in the shape of a 50ft-high helter skelter in the Cathedral’s Nave which will form the centrepiece to the Seeing it Differently project from August 8 to 18. The serious comes in seeking out naturally occurring God-focused conversations.
Helter Skelter landscape

“Seeing it Differently is an 11-day missional event at Norwich Cathedral. We want to help people to literally see the Cathedral differently but also to open up the conversation as to how God can help us see life differently,” said the Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care, who came up with the idea for the project.
“The star attraction will be the traditional pepperpot-shaped helter skelter at the west end of the Nave. Climbing to the top of the helter skelter will give visitors a unique view of the Cathedral.
“It will also bring them closer to our wonderful roof bosses, which tell the story of our salvation from the Creation through to the Resurrection.”

People will also have the chance to lie down and look up at the roof bosses, walk a labyrinth, take part in a blind trust trail in the Cloisters and sit inside a Bible Box and be surrounded by the word of God. There will be a display of 10 stories describing how Jesus has helped people see life differently and “Walking Salvation” tours of the Nave.

“To make each of these activities a genuine opportunity for God conversations we will need the support of a large team of trained volunteers,” said the Revd Canon Andy Bryant.
“Two volunteers will be stationed at each of the Seeing it Differently zones, both helping people to engage with the activity as well as being open to those naturally occurring God conversations that may emerge.
“Each volunteer will be expected to attend a day’s training at the Cathedral. The training will explain more of the missional intention behind this initiative and help individuals grow in confidence in speaking about their faith as well as learning to recognise the moments to speak and the moments when listening is enough.”

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to attend a time of silence and prayer to commend this venture to God at 6.30pm on Tuesday 6 August and there will be a Mission Ideas Exchange Event on Monday 12 August from 6.30pm until 8pm for churches to share thoughts on outreach and mission and learn more about Seeing it Differently.

There will also be an informal act of worship at 6.30pm on Sunday 18 August to mark the end of Seeing it Differently and pray for all who have been touched by it.

Seeing it Differently volunteers will be required to cover three or more shifts during the project. From Monday to Saturday, shifts will be 10am until 1.30pm or 1.30pm until 5pm.  Sunday shifts will be 12 noon until 3pm. Volunteers will also need to attend a 10am-3pm training day in June or July.

This volunteering opportunity is open to members of all Christian denominations.

For more information, email volunteering@cathedral.org.uk or call Julia Jones on 01603 218448.

For general enquiries about Seeing it Differently, call the Revd Canon Andy Bryant on 01603 218331 or email canon.missionandpastoral@cathedral.org.uk

For more details about being a Seeing it Differently volunteer click here: Seeing it Differently volunteer information pack

Pictured above is an artist's impression of what the helter skelter could look like in the West End of the Nave. Credit: Annette Hudson/Paul Hurst/Irvin Leisure