Peregrine Falcon observation point opens

06 April 2019
The spotlight is once again on our high-flying feathered friends who have made the Cathedral spire their home. The Hawk and Owl Trust is back with its special observation point, giving visitors the chance to follow the story of our resident peregrine falcons and their chicks as they hatch.

The observation point was officially opened on Saturday (April 6) by the Dean of Norwich, the Very Revd Jane Hedges, who was also presented with a special Peregrine Falcon birthday cake made by Hawk and Owl Trust volunteer Mike Harmer.
Weather permitting, the observation point will now be every day from 10am to 4pm until Sunday 14 July.

Free telescopes and binoculars are available for people view the birds from the watchpoint and expert volunteers from the Hawk and Owl trust are on hand to tell you more about the birds.

People can also keep up to date with the peregrines while enjoying a cup of coffee in the Refectory thanks to a live video stream from the nesting box.

Zoe Smith, Peregrine Project Officer at the Hawk and Owl Trust, said: "The Peregrines have laid four eggs this year. The first was laid nine days early on 15 of March and the fourth was laid seven days later on 22 March.
The eggs are due to hatch at the end of April so we may see some Easter chicks!"

The birds of prey have developed quite a following in the last decade, and thousands of visitors have every year enjoyed watching the arrival of the peregrine falcon chicks high above our fine city.

More than 30,000 people are expected to visit the Peregrine Falcons Watch Point over the next couple of months to see the latest arrivals.

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Pictured above is the Dean of Norwich officially opening the Hawk and Owl Trust's Peregrine Falcon observation point.
Picture: Chris Skipper