Dippy on Tour: 'Naturenauts' App

24 May 2018
To accompany 'Dippy on Tour' - the Natural History Museum's special UK-wide tour of 'Dippy' the Diplodocus, a new app called 'Naturenauts' has been launched to encourage children aged 7-11 to engage with the natural world around them. Dippy will be on display in Norwich Cathedral from July to October 2020.
The Natural History Museum have launched a progressive web app ‘Dippy’s Naturenauts’ designed to encourage children aged 7-11 to get outside and explore the natural world around them.

Dippy, and head naturenaut Fern the Fox, lead children through a number of fun activities, encouraging a closer look at local biodiversity and introducing concepts of identification:

• ‘Colour hunter’ utilising the devices built in camera to find things in nature, from the sky and rocks to feathers and flowers, that match selected shades and tones on a digital colour chart. This super-accessible activity will inspire children about the many amazing colours that exist in nature all around them.

• ‘Petal quest’ the PWA will guide children to use scientific identification techniques to compare their photographs of flowers to a library in the app and set them on the path of identification.

• ‘Feathered friends’ which introduces key features of birds appearances and songs to assist children in the identification of UK native species. 

• A ‘tree safari’, in which children are able to make virtual bark rubbings from different trees by using the cameras on their phones, swiping their fingers across the screen which captures the image which can be annotated with additional observations to build their own digital scrapbook.

The Natural History Museum's Dippy on Tour co-ordinators say: 'We hope that Dippy’s Naturenauts can extend the adventure for those visiting Dippy in person, and also provide an opportunity for children all over the UK to connect with Dippy’s adventure.'

Read more about 'Naturenauts' and download the app here.

Norwich Cathedral will host Dippy the Diplodocus from July - October 2020. Read more here.