Welcome to the Cathedral blog – a brand new feature of this website.

We’ll be using this space to post informal pieces that we hope you will enjoy reading. Whether they be reflections on the issues of the day, insights into Cathedral initiatives or guest features, we’ll be aiming to generate content that you’ll find interesting, insightful and challenging.

Please browse the latest offerings from our selection of bloggers below and, if you’ve got an idea for a blog that you think we’d like to feature, please contact our Marketing Manager.

  • Seeing it Differently: the conversations and encounters beyond the helter skelter

    By The Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care - 21 August 2019
    Do you think anyone noticed that there was a helter skelter in Norwich Cathedral? Now it is all packed away and ...
  • Of shoes, helter-skelters and learning to see things differently

    By The Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care - 29 July 2019
    I probably should have been paying attention to what everyone else was saying but sitting there in the circle with ...
  • Trinity Sunday

    By The Very Revd Jane Hedges, Dean of Norwich - 12 June 2019
    Here in Norwich our cathedral is dedicated to the “Holy and Undivided Trinity” rather than in the name of a ...
  • Thy Kingdom Come 365

    By The Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care - 28 May 2019
    Each year between Ascension Day and Pentecost the Archbishop of Canterbury calls the Church to a time of prayer under ...
  • What did Jesus look like?

    By The Revd Canon Keith James, Canon for Continuing Ministerial Development - 18 April 2019
    In 2001 researchers reconstructed the face of a man aged about 30 years old, from a skull, found in Israel ...
  • We need to prepare ourselves for a spiritual roller-coaster

    By The Dean of Norwich, the Very Revd Jane Hedges - 12 April 2019
    As we approach the most significant week of the Christian year we need to prepare ourselves for getting on a ...
  • Bach's moving reflection on the Passion story

    By Ashley Grote, Master of Music at Norwich Cathedral - 10 April 2019
    The reading of the Passion narrative has since medieval times formed a central part of the Holy Week liturgy. Indeed, ...
  • If alleluia is our song, why does it disappear in Lent?

    By The Revd Canon Aidan Platten, Canon Precentor - 06 March 2019
    St Augustine reminded the Church that ‘We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song’. People might be forgiven ...
  • Lent - The season for prayerful self examination

    By Mary Green - 28 February 2019
    Most people know that the reason the date of Easter moves is because of the pre-Christian link that ancient people ...
  • An invitation to some Serious Fun

    By The Revd Canon Andy Bryant, Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care - 28 January 2019
    How did a helter skelter end up being booked for ten days at Norwich Cathedral? Roll back two years and ...