Welcome to the Cathedral blog – a brand new feature of this website.

We’ll be using this space to post informal pieces that we hope you will enjoy reading. Whether they be reflections on the issues of the day, insights into Cathedral initiatives or guest features, we’ll be aiming to generate content that you’ll find interesting, insightful and challenging.

Please browse the latest offerings from our selection of bloggers below and, if you’ve got an idea for a blog that you think we’d like to feature, please contact our Marketing Manager.

  • Championing Mental Health

    By Canon Andy Bryant - 12 September 2017
    Cathedrals seem to be spaces that attract peoples of all faiths and none. Something about its spiritual significance, history and/or ...
  • Ethical Business: Can It Pay?

    By Robert Ashton - 31 August 2017
    I'm pretty determined to leave the world in a better state than I found it. With my 62nd birthday fast ...
  • New books

    By Gudrun Warren - 16 August 2017
    Buying new books is one of my favourite parts of the job as Cathedral Librarian – just as well, as ...
  • Thought for the Day: Learning

    By The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich - 09 August 2017
    It was reported last week that some students at British universities receive as little as 26 hours of one-to-one tuition ...
  • When Russell Crowe reminds you of your calling

    By James Shelton - 31 July 2017
    Last Sunday I woke up to news that the actor Russell Crowe had sent a Tweet about our new flow ...
  • Charlie Gard & the value of every individual life

    By The Rt Revd Graham James - 26 July 2017
    Every day thousands of prayer requests are written and candles lit in cathedrals and churches all over Britain. Here in ...
  • Bridges

    By The Rt Revd Graham James - 19 July 2017
    It was reported on Monday that the Humber Bridge had been given Grade I listed status. When it was completed ...
  • Cathedral Visit - CHASE Encounters

    By Sophie Buckingham - 15 July 2017
    Tucked inside the cloister is a collection of liturgical and secular works which have been donated and accumulated over the ...
  • Hearing Voices?

    By Robert Ashton - 30 June 2017
    I’m lucky. My mental illness is not severe although it is enduring. I’ve long been ‘out’ about living with clinical ...
  • Faith, hope and justice in a broken world

    By Wendy Bryant - 27 June 2017
    With the scale of poverty, war, suffering and injustice which constantly face us on our screens and in our newspapers, ...