Welcome to the Cathedral blog – a brand new feature of this website.

We’ll be using this space to post informal pieces that we hope you will enjoy reading. Whether they be reflections on the issues of the day, insights into Cathedral initiatives or guest features, we’ll be aiming to generate content that you’ll find interesting, insightful and challenging.

Please browse the latest offerings from our selection of bloggers below and, if you’ve got an idea for a blog that you think we’d like to feature, please contact our Marketing Manager.

  • Meeting Edith: peace and turmoil combine

    By Janet Marshall - 06 September 2018
    In 2014 Edith Cavell went on the KS1 History curriculum nationally. As I researched, I became inspired by the powerful ...
  • Why we celebrate Lammas Sunday

    By The Dean of Norwich, Jane Hedges - 24 July 2018
    You are probably familiar with the Church celebrating Harvest Festival, but have you ever heard of Lammas? Traditionally there are three ...
  • Place, Spirituality and Mission

    By Canon Andy Bryant - 16 July 2018
    Traditionally at our churches, which are also heritage attractions, we have been taught to think that our mission is to ...
  • The Way of Blessing

    By Biddy Collyer - 05 July 2018
    As a city dweller, what joy to wake to the sound of a song thrush announcing the dawn. All last ...
  • Hospitals are holy ground

    By Canon Andy Bryant - 21 June 2018
    One of the many privileges of being a priest is visiting people in hospital, of being allowed to be alongside ...
  • The meeting of President Trump & Chairman Kim

    By The Rt Revd Graham James - 13 June 2018
    I have to admit that I’m a bit of a news junkie so I followed the events in Singapore with ...
  • Thought for the day: The gift of silence

    By The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich - 06 June 2018
    As a nation we’ve developed the custom of marking tragic events and disasters with one minute’s silence. Nowhere is this ...
  • Turning 70

    By Biddy Collyer - 31 May 2018
    No party thank you. I decided to spend my big 70th birthday in Seville with my two daughters, spending precious ...
  • The joy of a marriage

    By The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich - 21 May 2018
    Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hardly novices when it comes to the media spotlight, even they could have ...
  • Pentecost

    By The Very Revd. Jane Hedges - 10 May 2018
    Pentecost is the day the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. In this story we hear about the ...