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Worship at Norwich Cathedral


The life of the Benedictine monks who founded this Cathedral was dominated by an unceasing round of private and communal prayer.

Today we continue this rhythm of daily prayer and in this section you will find information about how and when we worship as well as resources to help you worship at home.

Cathedrals are the 'laboratories of the Church: they have the freedom and ... flexibility to meet the needs of many who may not even be on the edge of the ... Church but who may encounter the divine presence when they attend cathedral worship'. (Archbishops’ Commission, Heritage and Renewal)

Here in Norwich we offer worship for everyone. We seek to be hospitable to a wide spectrum of Christian worship from the traditional formality associated with cathedrals to the informal worship of the Taizé and Iona communities.

Music plays a major role in our worship and there is usually at least one choral service every day. 

Each day begins with Morning Prayer and ends with Evening Prayer or Compline, services which have changed little since the daily services or ‘offices’ sung by the Benedictine monks. Holy Communion is celebrated at least once every day. On Sundays and other feast days there are more elaborate choral services. These special services employ a combination of Christian signs and symbols, such as colourful vestments (worn by the ministers), lights, water, incense, music and processions; all are used to inspire and contribute to a general sense of the holiness of God.

We hope that you will come and worship with us. We pray that in the beauty of this house of God, in the words spoken, in the Christian signs and symbols used, in the silence and the singing, you will find ‘the peace that passes all understanding’.

'Let nothing have precedence over divine office'.
The Rule of St Benedict

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November '15

Silence in Norwich Cathedral