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Prayer at Norwich Cathedral

The life of the Benedictine monks who founded this Cathedral was dominated by an unceasing round of private and communal prayer.

Private prayer
Private prayer in a chapel

You might like to join one of our prayer groups, which includes a Christian meditation session in St Catherine's Chapel every Tuesday lunchtime for half an hour from 1.15pm.  This chapel, which is near the South door, is always open and is reserved for private prayer.

People often find it difficult to put their prayers into words.  Sometimes it can help to express your prayers by lighting a candle, reminding you of the light and love of God.  There are two areas in the Cathedral where you can light candles:

  • in the North aisle of the Cathedral where you will find the Peace Globe, and
  • behind the Bishop's Throne in the Ambulatory before the icon (or holy picture).

You can also leave requests for prayers and thanksgivings. These requests are offered, either aloud or silently, at Holy Communion the day after they are received. They are also used in the private intercessions of those who share the ministry here. 

Should you wish to speak to anyone about prayer, do contact our Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care, Andy Bryant, who will be happy to help. Andy can be contacted at

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Representatives from parishes are invited to one of the services on or near the day on which the parish is remembered in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.  If you intend to be present at Cathedral Evensong, please let us know so that we can greet you publicly.  At weekday Evensong (normally 5.30 pm, but please check the calendar for that day) clergy and readers are also welcome to robe and read a lesson; please contact us in advance so we can settle the arrangements with you.

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