Investigating Nature

30 August 2022 until 24 September 2022
Debra Shipley

The urgent need to protect our planet for the future is being put in the spotlight in an exhibition at Norwich Cathedral’s Hostry.

Investigating Nature – a show by Norwich-based artist Debra Shipley – will run from Tuesday 30 August until Saturday 24 September.

Debra’s three-dimensional works and photographs aim to be beautiful but thought-provoking and draw into sharp focus how manmade pollution on a global scale is threatening the world’s eco system.

As well as making a statement, Debra also wants her art to have a positive, practical influence, and she has pledged to use money made from the sale of her work to fund the planting of tress in the local area.

Debra Shipley
Artist Debra Shipley shares some reflections on her Investigating Nature exhibition…

My aim is to present art which is both beautiful and thought provoking. For the 3D art in this exhibition I have focussed on the basic form of the food bowl, a shape universally recognised, which I have used to symbolise human need. Each work is unique and every one of them is polluted with a fragment of plastic, a fleck of laminate or a chemical leftover from the printing process. I made them from junk mail, used envelopes and packaging.

Our global environment and the means to support ourselves has become threatened by our human actions. Pollution on a global scale has corrupted our ecosystem and we are facing an enormous challenge to rectify the damage. The poorest on the planet will suffer first, but ultimately we are all now at fundamental risk with climate change bringing fires, floods and inevitably famine.

My work is sold not for profit. If you buy any work all the money you pay will be used to buy trees to be planted locally. Production cost (framing, printing, etc) are all being paid by me - that, and the art works themselves, is my contribution. If you decide to buy a bowl, you will also be offered the opportunity (though it is in no way compulsory) to become a participant in “Bowls in a Fragile World,” an extensive art work which is planned for next year.

Investigating Nature will be on display in the Hostry from Tuesday 30 August until Saturday 24 September 2022.

The exhibition will be open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm (3pm on Sundays) and entry is free.

Debra Shipley