Exhibition: Marking Times

03 August until 27 August 2022
Marking Times

Marking Time(s) is a site-specific exhibition by artist Ann Hulland - a projection work and a three-dimensional interactive calendar that consider the cathedral both as an historic space and as a place.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday 3 until Saturday 27 August 2022 in the Hostry.

Marking Times
Exhibition highlights

The names on the Norwich Cathedral obituary rolls will be projected onto the old cathedral wall in the Hostry and as such the past will be embedded.

The three-dimensional calendar consists of twelve fibre drums that are used for transporting grain around the world by the UN food aid programme. The twelve drums represent the twelve months of the year and visitors to the exhibition are invited to insert a token into the day/month of their birthday to celebrate the present.

The paintings, drawings and box prints are work made during the Covid pandemic 2020-22 and mark the strangeness of this time in our history.

Marking Times
About the artist

Ann is a British artist who responds conceptually and visually to the world around her. She worked in higher education until recently and has deep belief in the essential role of art and art education to societies. She studied painting as an undergraduate and sculpture as a postgraduate ,giving her a foundation to move freely across technologies to explore ideas.

Marking Time(s) will be on display in the Hostry from 3 to 27 August 2022.

The exhibition will be open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm (3pm on Sundays) and entry is free.