Talk: Trees in British Art History

20 May 2022
Talk: Trees in British Art History

Trees in British Art History from Thomas Gainsborough to The Arborealists

In this illustrated talk, Tim Craven will explore the reasons why the tree has such a strong legacy in British Art History and consider it’s use as a motif from the Romantic Movement to the Pre-Raphaelites, the Post-Impressionists, the Pastoral Etchers, the Neo-Romantics, Land Art and the Ruralists. A metaphor for the human condition, trees are now centre stage as a vital symbol for the global environmental emergency and are the unifying subject for diverse art practices of The Arborealists.

Tim is Chair of the Friends of Southampton’s Museums, Archives and Galleries and worked at Southampton City Art Gallery for 37 years in conservation, collection management and as Curator. During that time he has curated and co-curated many and various British, Modernist exhibitions. He left the Gallery in 2017 to pursue his own art practice (he holds a fine art degree), curate exhibitions and give lectures. He founded The Arborealists in 2013 and was elected a member of The London Group in 2015.

The talk will take place at 2pm on 20 May.
Tickets £5. To book, email

This talk is linked to the Hostry exhibition The Arborealists: Trees and the Sacred