HODs Video: The Cathedral and the Civil War

11 September until 20 September 2020
Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral and the Civil War is the subject of one of the Cathedral's four special podcasts that have been created for this year's county-wide Heritage Open Days festival.

If you visit the battlefield sites of the Civil War – Edgehill, Marston Moor or Naseby, you’ll find for the most part that nature and farmland have reclaimed them.

At Norwich Cathedral, however, scars and memorials have endured, and they tell us something about what happened here during the Civil Wars between 1642 and 1651, during the Commonwealth and at the Restoration in 1660, and how those events impacted on life in Norwich.

In this podcast by Cathedral Guide Rachel Bond, listeners will find out more about the Civil War and its effect on Norwich.

All four of the Cathedral's Heritage Open Days podcasts are available on the Norwich Cathedral Services YouTube Channel.