Outward and Inward: A Poetic Journey into Holy Week

15 April until 19 April
Malcolm Guite (c) Malcolm Guite

We are very privileged this year to have the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite as our Holy Week preacher.

He will be giving a series of talks called Outward and Inward: A Poetic Journey into Holy Week.

A priest, poet, musician and academic, the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite is currently a Fellow and Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge, and writes the Poet’s Corner column in the Church Times.

Born in Nigeria to British expatriate parents, he earned degrees from the University of Cambridge and Durham University. His research interests include the intersection of religion and the arts and the examination of the works of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Owen Barfield, and poets such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

He is the author of five books of poetry as well as several books on Christian faith and theology, and he states his aim as a poet is to recover form and beauty in poetry whilst still speaking in a contemporary voice.
The Revd Dr Malcolm Guite is also a singer and guitarist, and fronts the Cambridgeshire-based blues, rhythm and blues, and rock band Mystery Train.

The Revd Dr Malcolm Guite will preach at the following times:
Monday 15 April 7pm Eucharist 
Tuesday 16 April 7pm Eucharist
Wednesday 17 April 7pm Eucharist
Maundy Thursday 7pm Eucharist 
Good Friday 1pm Reflections

The Anointing at Bethany

Come close with Mary, Martha, Lazarus, 
So close the candles flare with their soft breath,
And kindle heart and soul to flame within us
Lit by these mysteries of life and death.
For beauty now begins the final movement,
In quietness and intimate encounter,
The alabaster jar of precious ointment
Is broken open for the world’s true lover.
The whole room richly fills to feast the senses
With all the yearning such a fragrance brings,
The heart is mourning but the spirit dances,
Here at the very centre of all things,
Here at the meeting place of love and loss
We all foresee and see beyond the cross.

A poem by the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite from Sounding the Seasons, Canterbury Press 2012, used with the poet’s permission.

Pictured above is the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite.
Picture: supplied by the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite