Artificial Intelligence: Hopes & Fears

03 October 2018
19:00 - 20:30
Science Faith Lecture
Professor John Wyatt from University College London gives an open lecture on 'Artificial Intelligence: Hopes and Fears for Humanity.' 

A Brave New World beckons in which machines with artificial intelligence will bring great benefits to humanity. But these exciting technologies also raise some serious ethical questions. 

How do we understand the uniqueness of human beings if machines are increasingly able to behave like us? For example, if we can build robots with apparent emotional intelligence and sensitivity, is it appropriate for them to become our companions, friends and lovers? How do we set limits and boundaries on the use of artificial intelligence in developing relationships with children, adults and the elderly? 

From a religious perspective, how should we, as humans, view ourselves and our relationship with intelligent robots? Might new forms of artificial intelligence force us to re-consider the relationship between humanity and God? In what ways will the introduction of intelligent machines challenge our traditional values and perceptions?
Professor Wyatt is a very distinguished speaker with a wide range of interests in biomedical ethics and the social implications of new technology.  He is Professor of Medical Ethics at University College London, and is currently exploring the social impact of artificial intelligence and robotic technology.

This is the tenth annual Cathedral Lecture organised by Science and Faith in Norfolk, a local group affiliated to Christians in Science.  Previous lectures have included many distinguished scientists and theologians, for example: Professors Tom McLeish, David Wilkinson, Sarah Coakley, Denis Alexander and John Polkinghorne.

The lecture is suitable for a non-specialist audience and all are welcome - of all faiths and none. 

No booking is required. There will be a bookstall and a retiring collection.

For further information, contact Professor Nick Brewin, Secretary of Science and Faith in Norfolk on 07901 884114 or email