GoGoHares Sculpture Trail

24 June - 8 Sept
Cathedral Close, City & County
A picture of a GoGoHare sculpture outside the Cathedral
There will be two GoGoHares sculpture trails this summer. The Norwich trail comprises 50 ‘ears up’ hare sculptures, whilst the County trail has a further 18 ‘moongazer’ hares around Norfolk. You can access the trails via the GoGoHares app or by picking up a printed trail map. 

There is also an educational programme of baby hares or ‘leverets’ called GoGoCreate, with a further 160 leverets to visit from Monday 2 July - Sunday 2 September around the city.

There will be 3 large sculptures in the grounds of the Cathedral and up to 6 leverets from GoGoCreate programme within the Cathedral buildings.

This trail is brought to you by Norfolk children’s charity Break in partnership with Wild in Art. Break celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018 with the ethos of the charity remaining unchanged; to support vulnerable children, young people and families. 

For more information please visit the GoGoHares website or follow on social media @gogohares.