Cancelled - The History of Black Gospel Music

12 June 2018
19:00 - 23:00
Cancelled - The History of Black Gospel Music

Please note that this event has been cancelled due for unforeseen circumstances. The organisers apologise for any disappointment caused.

Come and take a musical journey through the history of gospel music, from its roots in negro spirituals, to church-based music and the more modern sounds of today. Gospel music is one of the most important of all music genres with influences in blues, jazz and rock and roll. Sing hallelujah as you learn about the key pioneers of gospel!

Grammy award winning TAKE 6 legend Dr Cedric Dent, is the presenter of “The History of Black Gospel Music” which will examine the story of the blending of church music, jazz and blues, the synthesis of the sacred and the profane, through story and song along with special guests and local supporting acts.

Dr Cedric Dent will demonstrate this synthesis with live piano-vocal performances that trace the developments from the Euro-American hymn through to contemporary and modern gospel music.

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Tickets: £10. Book online here.