NCCL: the poems of R.S. Thomas

19 May 2018
10:00 - 12:30
NCCL: the poems of R.S. Thomas
“I would/have refrained long since/but that peering once/through my locked fingers/I thought that I detected the movement of a curtain.” R. S. Thomas was one of the best (arguably the best) Christian poets writing in English during the Twentieth Century. In this session we will look, briefly, at his biography but then move on quickly to some of his ‘religious’, ‘theological’ or ‘spiritual’ poems (whatever those terms mean).

Those attending will not need knowledge of ‘poetical structure’ (though that will be addressed) or R.S. Thomas but, rather, a willingness to participate in thought, reactions and ideas raised by the poems (if they wish to).

If participants would like to bring their own ‘favourite’ Thomas poem, in case the facilitator does not cover it, they are welcome to do so. Thomas ensures the session will be profound, but the ‘mood music’ can be fun and appreciative!

This session will be led by the Revd David Wheeler.

Cost - £10

To book, contact the NCCL Admin Team on 01603 218327 or email