NCCL: Of watches and watchmakers

28 April 2018
10:00 - 12:30
NCCL: Of watches and watchmakers
Suppose you stubbed your foot on a stone whilst hiking in the moors, and you were asked how that stone came to be there. For all you know, you might reply, it might have lain there forever. But suppose you came across a watch on the ground. What would be your answer then?

In this second session exploring ’natural theology’ (following on from the Ontological Argument last summer), we explore an attempt to prove the existence of God from clear evidence of order or design in the universe. If the universe is more like a watch than a stone, then must there not be a watchmaker? Or could something so complex as the natural world not have evolved on its own?

Led by Dr Anthony Speca.

Cost £10 for single session, or £15 if both philosophical argument sessions booked together (see also 16 June 2018)

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