'It's Better When We Listen' Exhibition

20 Feb - 18 March, times vary
Hostry Exhibition Space
A picture of the work
Artist and John Moores Painting Prize Alumni, Juliet Goodden, will be exhibiting her most recent work at the Cathedral Hostry during Lent 2018.

Until recently her images were created on site and reveal the interiors and exteriors of Mosques, Gurdwaras, Temples Churches and Cathedrals, predominantly in the East Midlands where she moved in 2010. Her ambition was to familiarise herself and others with today’s religious landscape in the UK.

In 2017 Goodden’s paintings and drawings took a new turn.

Her current work addresses the same multi cultural subject but through objects from different faiths. Goodden places small and religiously significant sculptures in conversation with each other and creates still lives from them. Her personal collection of religious souvenirs from which the paintings are made will also be on display. Amongst many others are small stone cows from India, a statue of Buddha from the Norwich Buddhist Centre, a snow globe of Norwich Cathedral and American Indian Navajo Kachina dolls. These have been gathered over the years and represent different beliefs from around the world.

The exhibition's title has come about from attending services in diverse places and hearing extremely similar prayers and advice. Rather than make assumptions about one another, we gain a better understanding when we listen to each other.
Exhibition free to attend. Open 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10.00am - 3.00pm on Sundays.