Jungle Protestimony - Being Human Festival

17 - 25 November, 11am - 5.30pm
Cloister Garth (corner nearest Dark Entry)
Protestimony is a visual and interactive art exhibition that aims to communicate an alternative story of the refugee crisis. Using artworks and other material created by refugees who lived in the Calais Jungle, it challenges the dehumanising anti-refugee and migrant language of mainstream media.

The exhibition features artworks and other materials including paintings, documentaries, animations, sculptures and illustrations, alongside interactive art projects developed and delivered by former Jungle residents. These artworks are displayed in reconstructed shelters from the Jungle, which hint at the conditions many refugees lived in for months on end. Asking visitors what it might mean to ‘be a refugee’, it suggests there is no simple ‘truth’ about the refugee crisis, and demonstrates the challenges of representing refugees today.

Protestimony also offers visitors the chance to think about the work of the volunteer organisations that operated in the Jungle, and reminds visitors that this crisis is re-emerging in Calais. Protestimony is run by the organisation IMAGINE.

Exhibition free to attend. For further information about Jungle Protestimony, visit the Being Human Festival website.