The Eagle Has Two Heads by Jean Cocteau

Monday 23 - Saturday 28 October 2017
The Eagle Has Two Heads by Jean Cocteau
This stunningly passionate play returns to Norfolk after an absence of 70 years, offering a rare chance to see melodrama at its best. Presented in full “Arena Style” seating for the first time, with live musicians underscoring much of the action, you will be witness to a truly spell-binding evening of love, passion, intrigue, and ultimate tragedy.

Do not miss this beautifully observed Hostry Festival revival of a long lost classic piece of French Theatre. “On a wild Autumn night circa 1910, a reclusive Queen dines alone in one of her many castles mourning the loss of her late husband. An assassin appears – he has come to kill the Queen but instead he falls hopelessly in love with her. For a brief moment in time their love blossoms, but it is not long before the corridors of power begin to echo with disapproval. And so, it must all end even before it has begun… but how?…”

There will be six screenings of the film, from Monday 23 October to Saturday 28 October.

Book online here by visiting the Hostry Festival website.