'70 Years of Flowers in the Cathedral' Exhibition

30 September 2017 - 05 October 2017
07:30 - 18:00
North Transept
Norwich Cathedral Flower Guild Committee invites you to view an Exhibition of Floral Art in the North Transept in celebration of 70 years of the Guild.

In the 1940s Bishop Herbert Barbe, St Holland Dean of Norwich Cathedral, had on a visit to New Zealand been very impressed with the flowers in their churches and asked a lady who lived in the Close, Mrs Jean Paton if she could start to arrange flowers in our Cathedral.  Eventually, a committee of 3 was formed and so began the Flower Guild. To this day, we still use the copper containers and wrought iron stands brought into use at that time.  

We now have a committee of 12 under the chairmanship of Gill McEwen and we work in pairs throughout the year from Advent to Easter;  not only with Friday duties when all the flowers are changed but with the many festivals and special services throughout the year. 

As 70 years approached, we thought a celebration was in order, and committee member Sue Elkin offered to co-ordinate this and thanks to her for the amount of research and planning that she has undertaken to bring this to fruition. The design is set over the 7 decades and is titled as follows: 

- 1940: Remembrance (Trish Mayhew)

- 1950: Coronation (Anne Colchester)

- 1960: Flower Peace (Sue Hayes)

- 1970: Norwich Working City (Mu Gurbutt) 

- 1980: Weddings (Sue Elkins)                         

- 1990: Communication (Sally Mitchell)

- 2000: Millennium Window  (Sue Nicholson)                     

- 2010: 70 Years of the Guild (Veronica Ross)

- 2017: Continuation (Gill McEwen)

For further information about the Flower Guild click here.