Global Day of Prayer

04 June 2017
18:30 - 20:30
South Transept
Global Day of Prayer
The Global Day of Prayer takes place at the end of a ten-day period of prayer from Ascension Day (May 25) under the banner of Thy Kingdom Come based on the Lord’s Prayer and backed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Jill Gower from Call to Prayer, said: “The House of Prayer at Fishergate in Norwich will be open for the ten days, 24 hours each day, and we are encouraging as many groups as possible to take a night, or several hours so we can have continuous prayer going up over our city at that time.  Please let me know if you can help us facilitate this."

Jill has also just finished writing her latest blessing and declaration booklet called His Kingdom Come, which is a ten-day prayer guide.

Jill said: “On Pentecost Sunday itself we have really believed God is showing us to peel it right back, so it is about people gathering to pray.  We are taking the seven pillars of society, and will prayer stations around the Cathedral and encourage people to move around and gather and pray around them.”

The seven sections are:
•             Family & Community (youth)
•             Civic Authorities (local Councils etc)
•             Health
•             Education
•             Business & Commerce
•             Media & Arts
•             Church & ministries

Dreams and Visions have offered £50 available for each prayer station.  If members of your church are engaged in any of these seven and would be interested in helping organizing them please contact Biddy Collyer ( or Jill Gower (

The service is being supported by Transforming Norwich

The prayer stations will be in the Cathedrals South Transept throughout the ten days of Thy Kingdom Come and the service on Pentecost evening will focus on these stations.