Landscape and Spirituality: A Vision for the Broads

11 May 2017
19:00 - 21:30
Weston Room
A picture of a Broads landscape
A breathing space for the cure of souls - the phrase once spoken by naturalist Ted Ellis to describe the Broads is now so established that it has become a tagline for national parks across the UK.

Whether exploring by water or land few would disagree that the spectacular landscape inspires, moves and uplifts.

It is this element of what many call spirituality that this Outdoors Festival event aims to celebrate, designed for those of all faiths and none.

Landscape and Spirituality: A Vision for the Broads is a free seminar led by Jacquie Burgess, Chairman of the Broads Authority, at Norwich Cathedral to celebrate and explore the future of the Broads as a spiritual resource for all, and all are welcome to attend. 

The Rev Richard Woodham, who has helped organise the event, said it “aims to provide an opportunity, within the Broads Outdoor Festival, to share experience and find common ground.”

Mr Woodham said: “Ted Ellis thought the Broads was ‘a breathing space for the cure of souls’ and it is in those heart stopping moments - clouds scudding across the wide sky, marsh harriers quartering the reed bed, sunset over a winter's Buckenham Marsh, skeins of pink footed geese, the mesmerising beauty of marsh marigolds and church towers in a heritage landscape - when eyes turns heavenward and hearts to deeper things.”
Free to attend, with all welcome. Refreshments will be available on the evening.

For more information please contact The Revd Richard Woodham on