'Faith, Hope & Justice in a broken world' - Dr Rowan Williams

08 May 2017
18:30 - 20:15
A picture of Dr Rowan Williams on a Christian Aid mission
Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, visits the Cathedral to give a talk on the subject 'Faith, Hope & Justice in a broken world'.

Dr Williams is currently Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge and Chair of Christian Aid. As well as being a prolific author, Dr Williams has spoken on a number of justice issues and is acknowledged as an outstanding theological writer, scholar and teacher. He has also travelled across the world and has met and listened to people living in desperate poverty.
Dr Williams will reflect on the biblical view of justice and how Christians can seek this in the world today and also provide hope. There will also be opportunity to put written questions to Dr Williams during a short refreshment break.
There is no charge and booking is not required. People can make a donation during the evening if they wish and will also be invited to take church resources for Christian Aid Week which occurs the following week.
Julian Bryant, Norfolk Coordinator for Christian Aid said, ’We are so pleased that Dr Williams has agreed to speak about faith, hope and justice at Norwich Cathedral. We desperately need to have faith and hope for our world and also a commitment to justice for the oppressed. Dr Williams is a deep and reflective thinker, a Bible scholar and a gifted speaker. He has also met people facing poverty and so his views are not simply academic but grounded in life. This is a rare opportunity to listen to Dr Williams and to reflect together."