Live Music Night: Rachel Ries

05 May 2017
19:30 - 21:45
A picture of musician Rachel Ries
Minnesota based musician, Rachel Ries, performs at the Refectory Café as part of her UK tour.

Hailing from the prairies of middle America, Rachel crafts sly and compassionate songs for the crooked-hearted. With an electric guitar and piano; a clear voice and steady hand; she deftly pulls listeners in with disarming candour and holds them there with smart and tender poetry.

In Spring 2016 Rachel released Cardinal; a handcrafted EP of songs written while on residency in Rouen, France. For Rachel, each of the songs is a key; a direction; a red-blooded essential for living – be it bravery, belief in one's path or the bonds of family and blood.

Get a feel for Rachel's music by listening here. You can also find out more at her website.

Doors: 6.30pm. Tickets £7.00.
Booking: online here or in person at the Refectory Café (01603 218332).