'Shucky, Hintut?' Exhibition: Alida Sayer & Nicole Vinokur

03 August 2016 - 01 September 2016
09:30 - 16:30
Hostry Exhibition Space
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Norwich Cathedral is pleased to announce that Alida Sayer and Nicole Vinokur will be presenting a site-specific collaborative work in The Hostry this summer.

The exhibition is part of an exciting new programme of contemporary projects at the Cathedral and will coincide with The British Art Show coming to venues across Norwich during Summer 2016. At a time when the city will become a space of particularly heightened awareness regarding the visual arts, the installation aims to facilitate an engaging dialogue between contemporary art practice and Norwich Cathedral as a site of major historical and cultural significance.

Normandy stone laboriously hauled along a canal carved by monks to build Norwich Cathedral and the heritage of Norfolk's cotton industry are some of the regional historical references Sayer and Vinokur’s work will play on. Resonant with the physicality of particular materials and reflecting the artist’s shared interest in transcription, Shucky, Hintut? is a question posed in Old Norfolk dialect, translating as: shucky, adj. (ˈʃʌˌkiː) hairy, shaggy, rough, unkempt, jolting, unsettled (weather) and hintut, int. (ˈhɪnˌtʊt) isn't it?

Sayer and Vinokur’s 'Shucky, Hintut?' will explore notions of concealment and unfolding implied through the navigation of space and the mutability of matter. They will present a work which is both partition and cloak, animated by airflow and audience to effect periods of stasis and flux.
To read more about the exhibition and the artists, please see the exhibition press release.

Please note that in addition to the Monday - Saturday opening times listed above, this exhibition will also be open 12.00 - 3.00pm on Sundays.

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