NCCL: God and Money

09 July 2016
10:00 - 12:30
NCCL: God and Money
Over the last 125 years, a developing body of Catholic Social Teaching has been considering issues that relate to economics and the political theory.

This session will explain the key themes of Catholic Social Teaching, and then explore how these themes relate to these economic concerns and provide a critique of political theories such as neoliberal capitalism.

It will map the development of such engagement through various papal Encyclicals and some writings of regional Bishops Conferences (e.g., CELAM), and identify the shaping of concerns up to and including Francis’ Laudato Si’ (2015).

We shall finally ask, how is the Church of England considering such themes as ‘The Common Good’?

Tutor - the Revd Dr Paul Overend

Cost - £10

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