Audio Book Club

13 November 2015
19:30 - 22:00
Audio Book Club
Welcome to the virtual Listening Lunch!

The first book in this new series will be:

Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, secretary to the Admiralty
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The diary covers the period 1659 to 1669; the extract we will hear is from 1665, that fateful year of plague. The diary was originally written in shorthand, and this edition of the diary retains the note style of the original. The edition that we have in Norwich Cathedral Library was printed in London in 1828, in 5 volumes comprising the diary and letters.

In the introduction to the reading I explain some of the key figures, but in addition to these:

The Prince is Prince Rupert of the Rhine, who had led Charles I's cavalry and, with the restoration of monarchy under Charles II, he was made head of the navy.
Sir William Coventry
"Mr Coventry", pictured here as Sir William Coventry, was knighted in the immediate aftermath of the sea battle referred to here.

The Battle of Lowestoft (so-called because the engagement was some forty miles off the coast from Lowestoft) was a decisive victory over the Dutch.

The plague which is beginning to gather strength provides a backdrop to the politics of the day.

Memoirs of Samuel Pepys