Lisa Cassidy ‘Lady Macbeth’ Opera

24 October 2015
18:30 - 21:30
Weston Room
A picture of Lisa Cassidy as Lady Macbeth
Join us for the premiere of this stunning new opera.
Composer Kenneth Ian Hÿtch first determined to write a dramatic piece for Lisa Cassidy after hearing her at the Hostry Festival in 2013. His search for an enigmatic and interesting character drew him to William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth and he decided to extract and set Lady Macbeth’s speeches.
One of William Shakespeare’s most complex and vividly painted female creations, Lady Macbeth finds herself in limbo, torturously re-living the events that lead to her ruination and death.
With the other players stripped away, we follow the solitary Lady Macbeth as she suffers the reminiscence of her inevitable undoing.
Pianist William Fergusson and violinist Elizabeth Marjoram form the shadowy thrill of sound that accompanies Lady Macbeth’s cruel demise.
Tickets priced £12 (concessions £10) and can be purchased online, by calling 01603 598676 or in person at Norwich Theatre Royal.