Exhibitions in the Hostry

Medieval stone meets modern architecture in Norwich Cathedral’s Hostry which offers a wonderfully unique setting for artists to exhibit their work. Our Hostry exhibitions are always free, giving all our visitors the chance to enjoy a wide-ranging mix of art.

Current and Future Exhibitions

Norwich 20 Group
- 22 December until 15 January 2022

Hostry exhibition 2 Dec 2018

Hidden Gems - 2 February until 26 February 2022

Mari French

Future exhibitions

As soon as information is available, details of all exhibitions at Norwich Cathedral are listed in our What's On section.

Exhibition proposals

If you would like to apply to exhibit your work, you will first need to complete a proposal form. Proposals are then considered by the Exhibitions Panel, which is led by the Canon Librarian. To request a proposal pack please contact the Secretary to the Canon Librarian.

Please note that the Exhibition Panel selects exhibitions according this Statement of Purpose:

  1. To connect the Cathedral’s mission and its art programme with the local and wider community.
  2. To support artists, designers and craftspeople from wide and diverse backgrounds by offering exhibition opportunities.
  3. To encourage cooperation and partnership between organisations that support and promote creative activity.
  4. To exhibit artwork and host events that encourage communication between theology, spirituality and the arts.

There may also be opportunities to exhibit work in other parts of the Cathedral as well as the Hostry.

Part of a city full of culture

Norwich has a brilliant arts scene and the Cathedral is one of many different places across the city that celebrates art and creativity. For more information about exhibitions and galleries across the city, click here to visit the Art In Norwich website.

Some recent exhibition highlights in the Hostry

Your Waves Go Over Me
- Mark Reed

A 10-metre wave of 3,000 fish washed over the Hostry exhibition space, offering visitors a spectacular and thought-provoking immersive art experience. Your Waves Go Over Me was created by Norfolk-based artist Mark Reed as part of the Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure exhibition at the Cathedral.

You can read more about Your Waves Go Over Me here and watch the three videos below which together give an insight into both the current Hostry exhibition and also the Hostry space itself:

Wave Sculpture

nca21 Members Exhibition

NCAS exhibition image 1

Norfolk Contemporary Craft Society


Women of the Wild Frontier - Frances Martin


The Cloud of Unknowing - Ray and Sasha Ward

The Cloud of Unknowing (c) Sasha Ward

The Cloud of Unknowing (c) Ray Ward

Norfolk Contemporary Crafts Society

Norfolk Contemporary Crafts Society