School visits

Planning your Guided Visit Programmes and Tours

When we are open again a warm welcome awaits from our team of teachers and guides, who bring alive the wonderful history of Norwich Cathedral as an ancient sacred space and its story of faith.

Whatever your subject and learning objectives, we have an inspiring selection of themed educational visits to choose from. Plus we offer specialist workshops to suit all of the key stages. These are detailed in our brochures for Primary KS 1-2 and Secondary KS 3-5, attached below along with our price lists. 

To find out more about arranging a school visit to see the Natural History Museum's Dippy on Tour at Norwich Cathedral from July 13 until October 30 2021 click here

Download our Programme Brochures and Documents to Support and Link with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

School Brochure KS1-2 School Brochure KS3-5 
School Prices KS1-2 School Prices KS3-5
Introductory letter to the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus here 
Theological, Philosophical and Social/Human Science Lenses Grids here
Teaching Core Knowledge Concepts for Christianity Support  here

Please click on the links below to find out more:
Christian Denominations and Multi Faith Venues in Norwich
Learning about Judaism and Christianity
Mosque and Cathedral
We are keen to offer multi-faith educational opportunities. 

Self guided visits

Self-guided visits to Norwich Cathedral are also available for both UK and foreign schools/colleges for a fee of £2.30 per student. This fee applies even if you wish to access the Cloister/lavatories only. For more information see our Language School Brochure 2019-2020 and Language School Guidelines Sheet.

All self-guided visits must be pre-booked in advance via the Schools Administrator.

Book in advance

Whether you're looking to visit Norwich Cathedral for a guided or self guided visit, you'll need to book in advance. To start the booking process or for more information about school visits, please contact our Head of Schools & Family Learning.

What other teachers have said...

"This was an excellent visit, very well planned and all pilgrimage activities very suitable for our age group. Facilities clean and well laid out. Truly superb and will encourage families from our school to visit a Cathedral they can see so well from their own homes." C Allen, Year 1 Mousehold Infant School.

"Our children and staff were riveted by ‘Cathedral Revealed’. What impressed me was the way you gave time to allow our children to sit and absorb feeling the atmosphere. From stained glass windows, to sitting in a Bishop’s chair, this visit to Norwich Cathedral was a valuable opportunity. We only wished we could have stayed longer!" L Gough, Year 5 Wortham Primary School.

"Great visit, enjoyed by children and teachers alike. Good pace, kept children engaged. All staff knowledgeable about subjects." J Bennett, Little Plumstead VA Primary School.

"Would recommend your science with R.E. to all, children really enjoyed it and could view the Cathedral in a different light. There aren’t many opportunities for science and art elsewhere." Year 6 teacher, Horsford Junior School.

"Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Excellent artefacts lesson and Cathedral experience. Would definitely book again." C Stothard, Year 10 GCSE, King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds.

"We visited in January and our theme was Edith Cavell Revealed. The children really enjoyed the experience and meeting Edith. I found the booking process to be very efficient and everyone was very helpful, the brochure was also very informative. The classroom was a great base for us and the leaders were brilliant. Definitely value for money. Thanks for a great visit." Miss Phayre, Year 2, Magdalen Gates Primary School.

New! Home Learning Resources for Teachers and Families

Local History for KS2/3 
Lady Alice’s Diary of a Royal Progress – the day Queen Elizabeth the First came to Norwich!  Watch the video here 
Lady Alice’s activity sheets to accompany the film here and here

Poetry and Stories
Tizzy the Spider's Cathedral Adventure - a story for KS1 and 2 which takes pupils back in time for an adventure with Tizzy the Spider who lives in the Cathedral. Download the story here
Explore some poetry with Weird and Wonderful Creatures here
Cathedral, Solace of Grace - a poem designed to encourage secondary pupils (KS4+) to reflect on the Cathedral as a sacred space. Download the poem and activities here
Budge and Me - a fun poem about a little fish and Budge the Cathedral cat aimed at children KS1 and 2. The poem is also linked to an activity sheet about fish and the fish as an ancient Christian symbol.
Download the poem here and download the activity sheet here

Worship around the World
Discover Christianity and Worship Around the World. Activities to accompany films 1 and 2 here
Special Objects, Baptism & Holy Communion Around the World -  more activities to support Discover Christianity/Worship Around the World films here

Wild Church
Inspiring, outdoor, fun activities for the whole family with ‘Wild Church’  - reflective activities, online, led by Charlie Houlder-Moat (Diocese of Norwich Lay reader).  Read the flyer here and visit the channel here

Stories and Poems 
Introduction to our NEW story ‘Holy Smoke, the day the tower fell’ featuring Philbert frog and Budge the cat here
Download ‘Holy Smoke, the day the tower fell’ here
PLUS activity sheets to go with the story here

‘Budge, Budge, Fur Brown Like Fudge’ A poem about the Cathedral’s favourite cat with activities to do for KS1/2+  here
Hear the poem read out loud on film here

Make a Thank You Tree - A short poem and activity sheet for KS1 and 2 for all who are caring for us. Download here
Try some drama - Take a journey round the story of the life of Jesus using these drama scripts for KS2 and 3. Download here


Work sheets and Activities to Download


Explore special, holy places and design your own - KS2 activity sheet here
Explore signs and symbols in Christianity and in other World Faiths - KS1 and 2 activity sheet here
Explore the Holy Spirit and Trinity – information and activities here
KS3,4,GCSE Think about Incarnation task sheets here
KS3,4,GCSE Jesus as Messiah and the tradition of anointing enrichment here


Explore Lent and Easter – the full package!  Download it here
Explore Easter – what it means to Christians and fun activities to try.  Download it here

The Bible 

Investigate Parables of Jesus here
Find out about Moses with the activity sheet here

World Faiths 

Compare a Mosque and a Cathedral here
Ideas and activities to do after looking at the above sheet here


Please click here to download our latest resource for teachers and families. This is a great virtual tour of Norwich Cathedral with activities for children at home PLUS an exciting competition to keep them busy!

Our second download revolves around the MEDIEVAL WORLD and has ideas for stories and discussion. Find it here

In the third download,  BROTHER ALFRED of Norwich Cathedral Priory tells you about being a Benedictine monk here

In the fourth download, you can learn of the different jobs in the BENEDICTINE PRIORY  here 

Who built Norwich Cathedral? Meet BISHOP HERBERT DE LOSINGA, plus activities here

Here is a worksheet looking at BUILDING THE CATHEDRAL here 

Take a look at NORWICH CATHEDRAL PRIORY C1150 with comparison activities and unusual facts here 

Step into the world of MEDIEVAL MEDICINE here

A worksheet on MEDIEVAL JOBS AND FOOD can be found here

What goes on in a CATHEDRAL QUIZ and activity sheet here

The Green Man
Discover the Green Man with activities here

The Great Fire of London
Meet Mistress Matilda, lots to make and create!  Download here

The Great Fire of Norwich Cathedral Priory 
Story and activities can be found here

Discover Florence Nightingale plus activities
Discover facts about Florence here
Florence keep healthy fact sheet is here
People who help us here

Local History -  discover our Norfolk heroine Edith Cavell
Find out more about Edith Cavell here with things to do.
Nurse Edith Cavell helped so many people - who helps you?  And who can you help? Fill in the worksheet here
Download the template to colour in a window dedicated to Edith Cavell here
An activity sheet about Nurse Cavell here


Take a Look at Materials and their Properties here
Investigating forces here
Science forces activity worksheet here
Magic room forces sheet is here
Have some Science fun with Norman arches and windows here
Explore your sense of smell with this Holy Smells and Smelly Pots activity!


Download the Discover Mosaics activity sheet here
Our Amazing World activities are here