Our aim is to ensure that all those who come to Norwich Cathedral receive a warm welcome and leave having had a positive experience.

We continuously look to improve accessibility for our visitors and welcome feedback if your specific requirement is not dealt with below. If you have any other queries about disability access at Norwich Cathedral, please contact the Sacrist.

To read our full Access and Inclusion Policy click here: Access and Inclusion Policy May 2020


Some limited parking is available in The Close to Blue Badge holders. Parking permits for disabled visitors are issued by the gatekeeper upon entry to The Close. These permits are for two hours and are available on a first-come first-served basis.

There is a parking space near the South Door for a minibus carrying disabled passengers. This space must be booked in advance through the Cathedral's Estates Manager. To book this space, please call 01603 218300.


Level access into the Cathedral is available through the Hostry, which is usually open 9.30am until 4.30pm Monday to Saturday. At all other times, level access is through the Cathedral's South Door. A lift also gives access via the North West Door.

There is wheelchair access to the Refectory Cafe, Library, Hostry and Gift Shop.

Regrettably, due to levels of anti-social behaviour, we have had to introduce key codes to all our toilets including our accessible toilet. The toilet codes are available from the Welcome Team in the Hostry, from the Donations Desk and from the Refectory staff. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

There is a lift in the Refectory building to access the upper Refectory Cafe and the Library and also the wheelchair accessible toilet in the Refectory building's lower floor corridor. The lift dimensions are: width of door 900mm; width of cabin 1100mm; and depth of cabin 1400mm. These dimensions conform to the regulations when the building was built. The lift may not be accessible to the larger motorised buggies.

There is also another lift with the same dimensions in the Hostry Education and Visitor Centre which links the Cloister, the ground floor of the Hostry and the Cathedral, and also the Weston Room and the Song School on the first floor of the Hostry.

We have a small number of wheelchairs available for free loan to visitors for use within the Cathedral and The Close. To book a wheelchair, please call our team of vergers on 01603 218325 in advance of your visit.

Level access

Level access to the Cathedral is available through the Hostry Visitor & Education Centre, which is open Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm and on Sunday 12.00pm – 3.00pm. Outside of these hours there is level access through the South Door, as well as a ramp and lift to provide access via the West Door.


The lift in the Hostry allows access to the Song School and Weston Room on the upper floor, as well as to The Cloisters on the lower level. Meanwhile, the Refectory’s lift grants access to the Toilets, Refectory Café and Library.

Please note that because of the historic nature of the building, we have as yet been unable to introduce lifts to allow access to the Treasury or Labyrinth.


There is level access to the Cathedral from both the main Hostry entrance and the South door. There is also level access to all areas of the Cathedral except the St Andrew and St Catherine Chapels. The Presbytery, the area by the High Altar, is accessed from a ramp in the Choir area. This ramp is usually in place but if for any reason it has had to be moved, please speak to one of the Vergers. NB this ramp is steeper than ideal and help may be needed in using it.


A toilet accessible to wheelchair users is located on the lower level of the Refectory cafe, which also includes baby changing facilities.

Regrettably due to levels of anti-social behaviour we have had to introduce key codes to all our toilets including our accessible toilet. The code for the toilets can be obtained from the Welcome Team in the Hostry, from the Donations Desk and from the Refectory staff.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Visual impairment

If the lighting level in the Cathedral is too low for your visual needs, please speak to a verger who will raise the lighting level for you if possible and appropriate. Vergers can be contacted via the Donations Desk and the Cathedral Shop. 

Care is needed on the uneven floors (including some tombstones) and steps in the Cathedral. Where possible, the steps have been edged with a different colour.

Large print versions of the Cathedral's Welcome Leaflet can be borrowed from Welcomers in the Hostry.

Tactile tours can be arranged - for adult tours please call the Chapter Office on 01603 218300 and for school tours please call the education department on 01603 218320. Guides who are experienced in offering tours to people who are blind or partially sighted are available for pre-booked tours on request.

Hearing aids

Induction loops have been installed in the Hostry’s Weston Room, as well as in the Cathedral itself.


Special arrangements can be made in advance for visiting groups with disabilities. For general visits please contact our Receptionist & PA to the Estates Manager or for special school visits please contact our Head of Schools & Family Learning.

Holy Communion Services

If you are unable to reach the altar we will be happy to make special arrangements for you to receive communion. Please inform one of the vergers or stewards on duty when you arrive at the service. Gluten-free wafers are available at the main altar rail at each service; again please inform one of the vergers or stewards on duty when you arrive at the service.

Large Print

Large print copies of order of services are available at all services; please speak to the steward or verger on duty.

If you use assistive technology to access information, due to visual impairment, and are planning to attend a service at the Cathedral, you may request, in advance of your visit, a copy of the order of service to download to your tablet. This can be done by contacting our Music & Liturgy Administrator.

Cathedral cafe

Whilst some regular provision is made for different dietary needs in the Refectory, the Cathedral's cafe, it is advised that visitors speak to a member of the Refectory staff who will do their best to help. For those attending Cathedral events with particular dietary needs it is recommended that the hospitality team is contacted in advance of the event. To do so please get in touch with our Hospitality Manager.

Where to get help after you’ve arrived

In and around the Cathedral staff and volunteers are identifiable by their badges. Tour guides can also be identified by the green sash worn whilst on duty. Please speak to a member of staff or volunteer if you have a particular need once you’ve arrived.