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Sewanee Theological Review

Sewanee Theological Review

Issues held and contents.

Volume 56 (2012-2013)
No 4 (Michaelmas 2013)
No 3 (Pentecost 2013)
No 2 (Easter 2013)
No 1 (Christmas 2012)

Volume 55 (2011-2012)
No 4 (Michaelmas 2012)
No 3
(Pentecost 2012)
No 2
(Easter 2012)
No 1
(Christmas 2011)

Volume 54 (2010-2011)
No 4 (Michaelmas)
No 3 (Pentecost)
No 1 (Christmas)

Volume 53 (2009-2010)
No 4 (Michaelmas)
No 3 (Pentecost)
No 2 (Easter)
No 1 (Christmas)

Volume 52 (2009)
No 4 (Michaelmas)

Volume 56 (2012-2013)

Volume 56 No 4 (Michaelmas 2013)
Crysdale, Cynthia, God and the Galápagos', pp. 315-336
Ormerod,Neil, 'Questions in understanding divine action', pp. 337-346
Haskell, David George, 'Chance, pain and kinship: reflections on evolutionary biology and theism', pp. 347-352
Haught, John F., 'Darwin and divine providence', pp. 353-363
MacSwain, Robert, 'Fall and spring: a systematic theological response to Creator God, Evolving World', pp. 364-371
Parker, Tam K., 'Creation, evolution and God: a response to Creator God, Evolving World', pp. 372-377
Roberts, Mollie M., 'Creator God, evolving world: what difference does it make?', pp. 378-383
Stafford, William S., 'After the Order of Melchizedek', pp. 384-386


Volume 56 No 3 (Pentecost 2013)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: On being suspicious of suspicion', pp. 211-214
Corrigan, Paul T., 'Language and the Spirit: prophetic reading with the poetry of George Herbert', pp. 219-241
Poch, John, 'Patience in poetry', pp. 243-250
Owens, Catherine, '"Hear, O Israel": exegetical blindness and Mark 7:31-37', pp. 251-261
Kaye, Bruce, 'The role of eschatology in recent Anglican ecclesiology: a study of three recent international doctrine commission reports', pp. 262-272
Robinson, Marilynne, 'Convocation address: Make us better and wiser', pp. 273-276
King, Benjamin J., 'William Law and practical steps', pp. 277-80
Gatta, Julia M., 'This is my body that is for you', pp. 281-283
Holloway, Paul A., 'Saint Theodore of Tarsus', pp. 284-288
Macswain, Robert, 'How to avoid a Pelagian pulpit', pp. 289-292


Volume 56 No 2 (Easter 2013)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: Perpetua', pp.107-108
American Catholicity
Chapman, Mark, 'American Catholicity and the national Church: the legacy of William Reed Huntington', pp. 113-148
Jefferson, Lee M., '"Is this man a physician, a philosopher, or a god?": revisiting the "anatomy lesson" catacomb painting', pp. 169-195


Volume 56 No 1 (Christmas 2013)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: Mary, mother of God', pp. 5-8
Spanish and Latin-American devotional poetry
Murphy, Timothy, 'Lost in translation', pp.13-15
Poems pp. 16-70
Macswain, Robert, '"The gifts of God for the people of God": some thoughts on baptism and eucharist', pp. 71-84


Volume 55 (2011-2012)

Volume 55 No 4 (Michaelmas 2012)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: Saints', pp. 355-358
Past and Present
Taylor, Barbara Brown, 'Night-guides', pp. 363-373
McCardell Jr., John M., '"A precious season": the Beaufort revival of 1831', pp. 375-388
Mathis, Rebecca C., 'The roots of religious liberty in scripture', pp. 389-402
Keegan, John E., 'Reflections on the priesthood after reading Julia Gatta's The nearness of God', pp. 403-411
Gatta, Julia M., 'All faithful departed', pp. 412-414
Turrell, James F., 'The dishonest manager', pp. 415-417
Brosend, William, 'On Thomas Merton', pp. 418-420
MacSwain, Robert, 'The one and the nine', pp. 421-426
Gatta, Julia M., '"It is not ourselves that we proclaim": the leadership of Bill Stafford', pp. 427-429
Stafford, William S., 'True freedom', pp. 431-434


Volume 55 No 3 (Pentecost 2012)
Gatta, Julia M., 'Guest editorial: The wounded surgeon', pp. 243-246
Current Questions
Hughes III, Robert Davis, 'Dust and DNA: the intertwining of word and spirit in history and the Trinitarian life', pp. 251-278
Allison, C. Fitzsimons, 'The incarnate word and the written word', pp. 279-292
Chartres, Richard, 'Our final hour?', pp. 293-296
Mathis, Rebecca C., 'The roots of religious liberty in the Baptist tradition (1608-1802)', pp. 297-314
Mathewson, Colin, 'Leonidas Polk's intellectual arsenal: Sewanee as southern cultural bastion', pp. 315-323
Holloway, Paul A., 'Sermon: Social prejudice and the Christian gospel', pp. 324-328


A Sewanee companion to The Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis
MacSwain, Robert, 'Introduction', pp. 191-121
Ward, Michael, 'The current state of C. S. Lewis scholarship', pp. 123-144
Engel, William E., 'C. S. Lewis as medieval and renaissance scholar: an allegory of love spanning "drab age verse" to the "golden period" of English literature', pp. 145-151
Peters, James R., 'C. S. Lewis and the enchantment of reason', pp. 152-158
Hughes III, Robert Davis, 'C. S. Lewis as theologian: a critical appreciation', pp. 159-165
Tucker, Lauryl, 'C. S. Lewis and the modernists: myth, impersonality, and gender', pp. 166-172
Patterson, W. Brown, 'C. S. Lewis: personal reflections', pp. 173-179
Bryan, Christopher, 'C. S. Lewis and the art of reading scripture', pp. 180-207
Gatta, John, 'Review article: reassessing the legacy of C. S. Lewis [The Cambridge companion to C. S. Lewis, ed. by Robert MacSwain and Michael Ward, 2010]', pp. 211-215
McDonough, Christopher M., 'Review article: an experiment in translation: C. S. Lewis's Aeneid [C. S. Lewis's lost Aeneid: arms and the exile, ed. by A. T. Reyes, Yale University Press, 2011]', pp. 216-220


Volume 55 No 2 (Easter 2012)

Volume 55 No 1 (Christmas 2012)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: One not by conversion of the Godhead into flesh but by taking of the manhood into God', pp.3-7
Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible
Patterson, W. Brown, 'The King James Bible: a continuing mighty flood', pp. 13-21
Wright, Rebecca Abts, 'Thoughts on the King James Bible', pp. 22-27
Engel, William E., 'Living with the living word: the King James Bible remembered', pp. 28-33
Stafford, William S., 'The Bible and the Serjeants-at-law', pp. 34-45
Barnes, Timothy, 'The debate about the fall of Rome: is an end at last in sight?', pp. 46-65
Stafford, William S. 'Epiphany: the manifestation of Christ to the nations', pp. 66-68
Bryan, Christopher, 'The presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple', pp. 69-75
Review article
Bryan, Christopher, 'A fresh look at Romans', pp. 79-91


Volume 54 (2010-2011)

Volume 54 No 4 (Michaelmas 2011)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: 9/11, ten years later', pp. 307-311
Bryan, Christopher, 'Sermon for the requiem of Guy Fitch Lytle III', pp. 312-314
Agnes Maude Royden: prophet and preacher
Milos, Joy, 'Maude Royden and the sacramentality of beauty', pp.319-336
Milos, 'Introduction: the experience of beauty, the experience of God', pp. 337-338
Royden, A. Maude, 'The meaning of beauty in religion', pp. 339-345
Milos, Joy, 'Introduction: peacemaking: the Christian ideal', pp. 346-348
Royden, A. Maude, 'The great adventure: the way to peace', pp. 349-360
Milos, Joy, 'Introduction: prophetic feminism in religion', pp. 361-362
Royden, A. Maude, 'Equality in the spiritual world', pp. 363-373
Stafford, William S., 'Advent's mad rush and the one thing needful', pp. 379-380
Holloway, Paul A., 'The sheep and the goats: taking the Bible honestly', pp. 381-386
Turrell, James F., 'Simon and Jude: a holy temple in the Lord' pp. 387-390
Barton, William H., 'Tell the people about this life', pp. 391-392


Volume 54 No 3 (Pentecost 2011)
Holloway, Paul A., '1 Peter and prejudice: insights from modern social psychology', pp. 199-220
Milos, Joy, 'Evelyn Underhill's Mysticism: a centenary review', pp. 221-237
Burton-Christie, Douglas, 'The blue sapphire of the mind: Christian contemplative practice and the healing of the whole', pp. 238-253
Webster, Robert, 'Sensing the supernatural: John Wesley's empirical epistemology and the pursuit of divine knowledge', pp. 254-281


Volume 54 No 1 (Christmas 2010)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: The three wonders of Christmas', pp. 3-7
Ambrose, Colin M., 'Desiring to be justified: an examination of the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37', pp. 17-28
Lawson III, Richard T., 'Gregory of Nyssa's Homilies on the Song of Songs: is the erotic left behind?', pp. 29-40
King, Benjamin, 'The John Henry Newman debate', pp. 41-46
Keegna, John E., 'Robert Bresson's The diary of a country priest: the experience of God as grace', pp. 47-59
Vogel, Jeffrey A., 'Enduring the mystery: a dialogue between a scientist and a theologian', pp. 60-72


Volume 53 (2009-2010)

Volume 53 No 4 (Michaelmas 2010)
Bryan, Christopher, 'Editorial: do dogs go to heaven?', pp. 381-384
Mathis, Thelma Panton, 'Called to be maladjusted', pp. 384-388
'Ubuntu: a worldview and a spirituality for reconciliation: the William Porcher DuBose lectures October 29-30, 2009'
Battle, Michael, 'Western culture: a fish doesn't know it's wet', pp. 393-403
Battle, Michael, 'Ubuntu: learning from the African worldview', pp. 404-416
Battle, Michael, 'Ubuntu: the western world's contribution', pp. 417-427


Volume 53 No 3 (Pentecost 2010) Contemplative prayer
Ward, Thomas R., 'Introduction: new thoughts on centering prayer, contemplation, and spirituality', pp. 255-256
Keating, Thomas, 'Transformational Christianity', pp. 257-260
Bourgeault, Cynthia, 'Centering prayer as witnessing practice', pp. 261-273
Frenette, David, 'Present to presence: the contemplative practice of attention/intention', pp. 274-284
Ward, Thomas R., 'What is contemplation? Thomas Merton and the contemplative dimension of the gospel', pp. 285-300
Keller, David G.R., 'Affirming mission-centered strategy in planning the future of theological education', pp. 301-315
Goddard, Carolyn, 'Journeying home: a decade of centering prayer', pp. 316-321
Muyskens, J. David, 'Letting go: being a servant', pp. 322-333
Morris, Thomas R., 'Spiritual hospitality and St. Mary's Sewanee Center', pp. 334-340
Yong, Amos, 'Review article: the trans/formation of dust: R. D. Hughes's pneumatological theology of the spiritual life in pentecostal perspective', pp. 345-358
Dahill, Rosa E., 'Review article: a Lutheran response to "Beloved dust" ', pp. 359-363

Volume 53 No 2 (Easter 2010)
Gatta, Julia M., 'Grace upon grace: on being a priest', pp. 117-120
Traces of the trade
Moser, Andrew P., 'Traces of the trade: notes from a Sewanee symposium', pp. 125-126
Monti, Joseph, 'Dynamite Hill: Fountain Heights in the 1950s: white privilege in mid-century Birmingham', pp. 127-135
Williamson, Samuel R., 'Slavery and the founding of the University of the South', pp. 136-138
Grammer, John, 'Katrina Brown, William Faulkner, and the traces of history', pp. 139-144
Nader, Tina, 'The mystery of race: reconciling head to heart', pp. 145-150
In Memoriam
Monti, Joseph, 'Grace and obedience: the theological legacy of John M. Gessell', pp. 153-162
Denson, John Lane, 'Joy, service and stubbornness: homily at the requiem for John Maurice Gessell', pp. 163-167
Alexander, J. Neil, 'Deeply rooted, provokingly thoughtful, richly practical: a tribute to the scholarship of Marion Josiah Hatchett', pp. 169-176
Aitken, Ellen Bradshaw, ' "...who orders all things well": an anamnesis for Marion J. Hatchett', pp. 177-180
Hethcock, William, 'Many abiding-places: homily at the requiem for Marion Josiah Hatchett', pp. 181-184
The 2009 Bayard Hale Jones Lectures
Leggett, Richard Geoffrey, 'Liberty or license: a preliminary opinion regarding the liturgical authority of the bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada', pp. 185-203
Leggett, Richard Geoffrey, 'It is not good for Adam to be alone": the blessing of same-sex covenants in the diocese of New Westminster', pp. 205-223


Volume 53 No 1 (Christmas 2009)
Bryan, Christopher, 'The universal gospel', pp. 3-6
Leachman, James G., 'Across the fence: the conversation between Maurice Bévenot, S.J., and Gregory Dix, O.S.B.', pp. 9-64

Volume 52 (2009)

Volume 52 No 4 Literature and Christianity
Michael, Jennifer Davis, 'Silence and “wounded speech” in George Herbert’s poetry', pp. 343-364
Perlman, Edward, 'Reconciliation, riddles and rules in two poems by
Richard Wilbur', pp. 365-375
Kampa, Stephen, 'Anthony Hecht’s “Raddling eye”: “Gladness of the best” and the ghost of George Herbert', pp. 377-395
Courtney, Charles, 'Blind waiting in Samuel Beckett’s Godot', pp. 396-400
Orens, John Richard, 'Speaking hope to a lost time: the vocation of Catholic orthodoxy', pp. 401-408
Macswain, Robert, 'Learning to pray with Austin Farrer: a meditation', pp. 409-421
Parrent, Allan M., 'The faith of the Church', pp.422-427


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