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Rural Theology

Issues held and contents

Volume 11 (2013)
Number 2 (November 2013)
Number 1 (May 2013)

Volume 10 (2012)
Part 2 (November 2012)

Volume 7 (2009)
Part 2 (Issue 73)
Part 1 (Issue 72)

Volume 6 (2008)
Part 2 (Issue 71)
Part 1 (Issue 70)

Rural Theology 11 (2013)

Rural Theology Volume 11 Number 2 (November 2013)
Pesonen, Heikki, Miira Niska and Kari Mikko Vesala, 'The societal role of evangelical Lutheran parishes in rural Finland: a qualitative approach to local attitudes', pp. 68-82
Peddle, Geoff and Jolene Peters, 'Social and spiritual capital at work through a ministry of hospitality: a case study in Newfoundland', pp. 83-91
Bruce, Steve, 'Religion in Ashworthy 1958-2011: a sociology classic revisted', pp. 92-102
Rutledge, Christopher, 'Stipendiary and non-stipendiary Anglican clergy: identical twins?', pp. 103-112
Shutt, Nick, Richard Bayly and Liz Tingle, 'Sheepstor: a study of rural mission', pp. 113-118
Went, John S., 'Rededication of a war memorial', pp. 119-121


Rural Theology Volume 11 Number 1 (May 2013)
Hughes, Philip, 'Organization of leadership in rural parishes: some Australian Catholic case-studies', pp. 3-14
Peddle, Geoff, 'Rural Anglicanism in Newfoundland: signs of social capital and intrinsic religiosity', pp. 15-27
Neil, Peter, 'Ordinary sacramental theology in rural Wales', pp. 28-38
Bruce, Steve, 'Religion in Gosforth, 1951-2011: a sociology classic revisited', pp. 39-49
France, Richard T., 'By their fruits: thoughts on the metaphor of fruit in the Bible', pp. 50-56
Francis, Leslie J. et al., 'Rural ministry and retired clergy: a research note', pp. 57-59
Astley, Jeff, 'Keep awake', pp. 60-62


Rural Theology 10 (2012)

Rural Theology Volume 10, part 2 (November 2012)
Rolph, Paul and Jenny Rolph, 'Small in size, high in quality: empirical evidence for retaining small rural Church of England primary schools', pp. 109-124
Crippen, Gill and Nicholas Wood, 'A future in the countryside for the Free churches?', pp. 125-143
Skuce, Stephen, 'Emerging from the rural Church: appropriate missional practice', pp. 145-159
Francis, Leslie J. and Christine E. Brewer, 'Stress from time-related over-extension in multi-parish benefices', pp. 161-178
ap Siôn, Tania and Owen Edwards, 'Cathedral engagement with young people: learning from Church of England cathedral websites in rural dioceses', pp. 179-194


Rural Theology 7 (2009)

Part 2 (Issue 73)
Francis, James M., 'Discipleship and vocation: living theology today', pp. 75-82
Burton, Lewis, 'The dear departed: prayers for the dead on a prayer tree in a rural English parish church', pp. 83-97
Rolph, Paul, Jenny Rolph and John Cole, 'Living the pressures of rural ministry: two case studies', pp. 99-111
Martineau, Jeremy, 'Biblical perspectives on established stressors within the farming community', pp. 113-120
Tiller, John, 'Tiller twenty-five years on', pp. 121-125
Francis, Leslie J., David Walker, Mandy Robbins, 'Research report. The Cana in Galilee phenomenon: influences on biblical literalism among rural Anglicans today', pp. 127-132


Part 1 (Issue 72)
Walker, David The social significance of harvest festivals in the countryside: an empirical enquiry among those who attend 3-16
Ap Siôn, Tania Ordinary prayer and the rural church: an empirical
study of prayer cards 17-31
Burton, Lewis A village Sunday school 33-44
Went, John A missionary paradigm for the rural church in the
light of 1 Peter 45-60
Robbins, Mandy, Keith Littler and Leslie J. Francis
Research report. Personality and the call to rural ministry


Rural Theology 6 (2008)

Part 2 (Issue 71)
Wibberley, John Climate change: agricultural implications and theological reflections 75-89
Jenkins, Timothy Working as an Anglican priest and as an academic anthropologist 91-96
Morris, Norman and Lewis Burton
The kneelers are most impressive: reflections on
reading a visitors’ book 97-108
Brierley, Peter Rural churchgoing in England: where age is important
France, Richard T. A tale of two mountains: mountains in biblical spirituality 117-125



Part 1 (Issue 70)
France, Richard T. Sheep and goats: pastoral imagery in the bible
and today 3-10
Walker, David S. Communion by extension: discrepancies between
policy and practice 11-25
Withycombe, Robert S.M.
Rural ministry: historical case studies from
mid-nineteenth century Australian colonies 27-41
Brewster, Christine E.
How happy are rural Anglican clergy? 43-53
Rolph, Paul and Jenny Rolph
Perceptions of stress on those in rural ministry: listening
to church leaders 55-63



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