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Psalms Reading List

Ackroyd, Peter R. 223.206
Doors of perception: a guide to reading the psalms (London: SCM Press, 1983)

Bauckham, Richard 220.832
The Bible in politics: how to read the Bible politically (Philadelphia: WJK, 1989)

Bellinger, W.H. 223.206
Psalms: reading and studying the Book of Praises (Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 1973)
NB: Not recommended edition

Brenner, Athalaya and Carole R. Fontaine (eds) 221.6088042
Wisdom and psalms: a feminist companion to the Bible (Sheffield Academic Press, 1998)

Brook, John 264.02
The school of payer: an introduction to the Divine Office for all Christians
(London: Collins, 1992)

Brueggemann, Walter 223.206
Abiding astonishment: psalms, modernity and the making of history (Kentucky: WJK, 1991)

Brueggemann, Walter 221.6
An introduction to the Old Testament: the Canon and Christian imagination
(Philadelphia: John Knox Press, 2003)

Brueggemann, Wlater 223.2067
Israel’s praise: doxology against idolatry and ideology (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1989)

Brueggemann, Walter 223.206
The Psalms and the life of faith (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1995)

Childs, Brevard S. 221.12
Introduction to the Old Testament as scripture (London: SCM Press, 1987)

Craigie, Peter C. 223.2077
Psalms 1-50 (Texas: Word Books, 1984)

Day, J. 223.206
Psalms (Sheffield Academic Press, 1990)

Eaton, John H. 223.206
The psalms come alive: an introduction to the psalms through the arts
(Oxford: Mowbray’s, 1984)

Eaton, John 223.2077
The psalms: a historical and spiritual commentary with an introduction and new translation
(London: Continuum, 2005)

Hargreaves, John 223.2
A guide to Psalms (London: SPCK, 1973)

Kameeta, Zephania 276
Why O Lord? Psalms and sermons from Namibia (Geneva: World Council of Churches, 1986)

Lewis, C.S. 248.3
Reflections on the Psalms (London: Geoffrey Bles, 1958)

Washington, Harold C., Susan Lochrie Graham and Pamela Thimmes 220.6088042
Escaping Eden: new feminist perspectives on the Bible (Sheffield Academic Press, 1998)

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August '14

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Catch The Rainbow: Family Fun Day - Revealing the rainbow
Tea Tasting with Kandula Teas

September '14

Friends of Norwich Cathedral: Norwich Shawls, a lecture by Helen Hoyte
Friends of Norwich Cathedral - Friends First Friday Coffee Morning
Free Organ Recital
Remember a Charity in your Will Week
Live Music Night - The He Hews
Broderers' Guild Workshop Tour

October '14

Friends of Norwich Cathedral - Friends First Friday Coffee Morning