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Journal of Theological Studies

New series.

Issues held and contents

Volume 64
Part 1 (April 2013)

Volume 63
Part 2 (October 2012)
Part 1 (April 2012)

Volume 62
Part 2 (October 2011)
Part 1 (April 2011)

Volume 61
Part 2 (October 2010)
Part 1 (April 2010)

Volume 60
Part 2 (October 2009)

Volume 64 (2013)

Volume 64 Part 1 (April 2013)
Kelly, Joseph Ryan, 'Orders of discourse and the function of obedience in the Hebrew Bible', pp. 1-24
Edsall, Benjamin, 'When Cicero and St Paul agree: intra-group litigation among the Luperci and the Corinthian believers', pp. 25-36
Hooker, Morna D., 'Artmeis of Ephesus', pp. 37-46
Elliott, J. Keith, 'A new edition of Nestle-Aland, Greek New Testament', pp. 47-65
Kirk, Alexander N., 'Ignatius' statements of self-sacrifice: intimations of an atoning death or expressions of exemplary suffering?', pp. 66-88
Foster, Paul, 'Do crosses walk and talk? A reconsideration of Gospel of Peter 10.39-42', pp. 89-104
Hall, Stuart G., 'Melito Peri Pascha: corrections and revisions', pp. 105-110
Fairbairn, Donald, 'The Synod of Ancyra (358) and the question of the Son's creaturehood', pp. 111-136
Crawford, Matthew R., 'Scripture as "one book": Origen, Jerome, and Cyril of Alexandria on Isaiah 29:11', pp. 137-153
Crawford, Matthew R., 'The preface and subject matter of Cyril of Alexandria's De adoratione', pp. 154-167


Volume 63 (2012)

Volume 63 Part 2 (October 2012)
Rogland, Max, '"Moses used to take a tent"? Reconsidering the function and significance of the verb forms in Exodus 33:7-11', pp. 449-466
Strine, C. A., 'The role of repentance in the book of Ezekiel: a second chance for the second generation', pp. 467-491
Schliesser, Benjamin, '"Abraham did not 'doubt' in unbelief" (Rom. 4:20): faith, doubt and dispute in Paul's letter to the Romans', pp. 492-522
Tolley, Harry, 'Clement of Alexandria's reference to Luke the Evangelist as author of Jason and Papiscus', pp. 523-532
Thorsteinsson, Runar M., 'Justin and Stoic cosmo-theology', pp. 533-571
Bonner, Alison, 'Was Patrick influenced by the teaching of Pelagius?', pp. 572-607
Hampton, Stephen, '"Welcome dear feast of Lent": rival understandings of the forty-day fast in early Stuart England', pp. 608-648


Volume 63 Part 1 (April 2012)
Collicutt, Joanna, 'Bringing the academic discipline of psychology to bear on the study of the Bible', pp. 1-48
Hempel, Charlotte, 'Who is making dinner at Qumran?', pp. 49-65
Knight, Jonathan, 'The origin and significance of the angelomorphic Christology in the Ascension of Isaiah', pp. 66-105
Henderson, Suzanne Watts, 'Discipleship after the resurrection: scribal hermeneutics in the longer ending of Mark', pp. 106-124
Buck, P. Lorraine, 'Voluntary martyrdom revisited', pp. 125-135
Dunn, Geoffrey D., 'Innocent I's letter to Lawrence: Photinians, Bonosians, and the Defensores Ecclesiae', pp. 136-155
Vinzent, Markus, 'Questions on the attributes (of God): four rediscovered Parisian questions of Meister Eckhart', pp. 156-186
Ter Ern Loke, Andrew, 'Sanday's Christology revisited', pp. 187-197


Volume 62 (2011)

Volume 62 part 2 (October 2011)
Hagedorn, Anselm C., 'When did Zephaniah become a supporter of Josiah's reform?', pp. 453-475
Bockmuehl, Markus, 'The Son of David and his mother', pp. 476-493
Wright, Brian J. and Tim Ricchuiti, 'From "God" (ΘΕΟΣ) TO "God" (ΝΟΥΤ?): a new discussion and proposal regarding John 1:1C and the Sahidic Coptic version of the New Testament', pp. 494-512
Ware, James P., 'Law, Christ, and Covenant: Paul's theology of the Law in Romans 3:19-20', pp. 513-540
Billings, Bradly S., 'From house church to tenement church: domestic space and the development of early urban Christianity - the example of Ephesus', pp. 541-569
Shoenmaker, Stephen J., 'Mary at the cross, east and west: maternal compassion and affective piety in the earliest Life of the Virgin and the High Middle Ages', pp. 570-606
Holtzen, T.L., 'Sacramental causality in Hooker's eucharistic theology', pp. 607-648


Volume 62 part 1 (April 2011)
Southwood, Katherine E., ' "And they could not understand Jewish speech": language, ethnicity and Nehemiah's intermarriage crisis', pp. 1-19
Wasserman, Tommy, 'The "Son of God" was in the beginning (Mark 1:1)', pp. 20-50
Brookins, Tim, 'The wise Corinthians: their Stoic education and outlook', pp. 51-76
Mackie, Scott D., 'Heavenly sanctuary mysticism in the epistle to the Hebrews', pp. 77-117
Corcoran, Simon and Benet Salway, 'A newly identified Greek fragment of the Testamentum Domini', pp. 118-135
Stewart, Alistair C., 'The apocalyptic section of Testamentum Domini: an attempt at dating', pp. 136-143
Johnson, Aaron P., 'The tenth book of Eusebius' General elementary introduction: a critique of the Wallace-Hadrill thesis', pp. 144-160
Hall, Thomas N. and Michael Norris, 'The Chrysostom texts in Bodley 516', pp. 161-175
O'Brien, Joshua M., 'Locating authorities in Carolingian debates on image veneration: the case of Agobard of Lyon's De picturis et imaginibus', pp. 176-206
Rex, Richard, 'Not a Lollard Mass after all?', pp. 207-217
Hampton, Stephen, 'Richard Holdsworth and the Antinomian controversy', pp. 218-250


Volume 61 part 2 (October 2010)
Lim, Timothy, 'The defilement of the hands as a principle determining the holiness of scriptures', pp. 501-515
Heath, Jane, 'Nomina sacra and sacra memoria before the monastic age', pp. 516-549
Carter, Tim, 'Marcion's Christology and its possible influence on Codex Bezae', pp. 550-582
Briggman, Anthony, 'Re-evaluating angelomorphism in Irenaeus: the case of Proof of the apostolic preaching 10', pp. 583-595
Marcus, Joel, 'The Testaments of the twelve patriarchs and the Didiscalia apostolorum: a common Jewish Christian milieu?' pp. 596-626
Shuve, Karl, 'Cyprian of Carthage's writings from the rebaptism controversy: two revisionary proposals reconsidered', pp. 627-643
DelCogliano, Mark, 'Basil of Casearea, Didymus the Blind, and theAnti-pneumatomachian exegesis of Amos 4:13 and Juhn 1:3', pp. 644-658
Forbes, Helen Foxhall, 'Diuduntur in quattuor: the interim and judgement in Anglo-Saxon England', pp. 659-684


Volume 61 part 1 (April 2010)

Crouch, C.L., 'Genesis 1:26-7 as a statement of humanity's divine parentage', pp.1-15
Viezel, Eran, 'The formation of some biblical books according to Rashi', pp. 16-42
Patrick, James E., 'Matthew's Pesher gospel structured around ten messianic citations of Isaiah', pp. 43-81
Whitenton, Michael R., 'After ΠΙΣΤΙΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ: neglected evidence from the Apostolic Fathers', pp. 82-109
Houghton, H.A.G., 'The St Petersburg insular gospels; another Old Latin witness', pp. 110-127
Watson, Francis, 'Beyond suspicion: on the authorship of the Mar Saba letter and the secret Gospel of Mark', pp. 128-170
Briggman, Anthony, 'The Holy Spirit as the unction of Christ in Irenaeus', pp. 171-193

Notes and studies
Edwards, J. Christopher, 'Pre-Nicene receptions of Mark 10:45//Matt.20:28 with Phil. 2:6-8', pp. 194-199
Joosten, Jan, 'The date and provenance of the Gospel of Barnabas', pp. 200-215
Cain, Andrew, 'An unidentified patristic quotation in Jerome's Commentary on Galatians (3.6.11)', pp. 216-225
Woods, David, 'Gildas and the mystery cloud of 536-7', pp. 226-234


Volume 60 part 2 (October 2009)

Kratz, Reinhard G., 'Eyes and spectacles: Wellhausen's method of higher criticism', pp. 381-402
Reed, Annette Yoshiko, 'The modern invention of "Old Testament pseudepigrapha" ', pp. 403-436
Mark, Gunther, 'Jesus "was close to the authorities": the historical background of a Talmudic pericope', pp. 437-466
Ludlow, Morwenna, 'Science and theology in Gregory of Nyssa's De anima et resurrectione: astronomy and automata', pp. 407-489
Larsen, Timothy, 'E. B. Pusey and holy scripture', pp. 490-526


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